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Re: Free Harpic Fraîcheur!

Post by saerleiya »

Harpic fraîcheur wrote:Our religion had problems with some RPC members, everyone know that. But some members don't want to make their apologies. I ask you, enemies of our religion to make your apologies right here.
I'm agnostic, close to atheist. So no apologies to an entity I don't recognize as a deity (I don't recognize it at all, anyway).

Jokes aside, I won't reply to any PM concerning this matter (especially the ones always sent by the same person who already knows my opinion about the topic).

I also chose to reply because Hunch actually allowed Harpic to do so, so be aware that I don't consider this message to be worth a sanction.

To Harpic: why are you continuously sending the same kind of PMs when I already told you several times that I wouldn't change my mind? If I need to be punished, I'm waiting for the reaction of your so-called religion 'guru'. It hasn't come yet. In the meantime, would it be kind of you to just STOP?
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saerleiya wrote:RayFag'
Aahh, you're exposing my Rule34 account.

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Re: Free Harpic Fraîcheur!

Post by Hunchman801 »

I'd like apologize to everyone, there was a misunderstanding with Harpic (mostly my fault) that led him to post this message.

The thing is, it's his right to ask for apologies if he feels offended, but once, not thousands of times. I think every person this message is directed at is well aware of Harpic's demand, therefore this is the last time I want to see posted it on the forum.

In order to prevent any further arguments, I also want this discussion to stop now, else heavy sanctions will be dealt out.

Thanks for your understanding! ;)

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