rare rayman 3 pc big box edition

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rare rayman 3 pc big box edition

Post by destoz »

the very first US pc version of rayman 3 was sold in a big box edition and recently I found a seller who sells one


but differs from the ps2 or gamecube covers (for instance with the most frontal face's position and chrome fists)

yet according to the "official" image the US big box cover for PC had to look like this


at this point I wonder if the US pc version ever existed with the same cover of the ps2 and gamecube or the second image just served for illustrative purposes and therefore never actually printed for the pc version?

does anyone know? is it its owner? if so, can you post some photos? hope someone can clear up this doubt

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Re: rare rayman 3 pc big box edition

Post by Johanproducties »

I need one too :(

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Re: rare rayman 3 pc big box edition

Post by Dancaa »

I don’t own it. But I’m inclined to believe that this may be a similar situation to the GBA version, which had a cover that used white gloves. But most mockup images of the box depict him with those red and chrome heavy metal fists.
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Re: rare rayman 3 pc big box edition

Post by driftyloon »

I have a similar version that came from Canada, mine is slightly smaller but still is a CD-ROM copy. I have looked up and down and I don't think that there was ever anything sold with a heavy metal fist.

It is slightly harder to find stuff in my case because I am in the UK.

On the topic of the GBA port, the European cover and the ngage cover for all regions are a one-off for only that version. It is just a version of the console cover but without the lockjaw and the ngage version goes further to remove the Hoodlums in the background for some reason.

Hoodlums revenge is similar but adds tons more hoodlums on the US cover. Meanwhile, here in Europe it is the Rayman 3 USA cover but turquoise.

This is utterly bizarre...

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Re: rare rayman 3 pc big box edition

Post by #Rubber mark# »

This used to happen a lot when production/distribution were outsourced for certain markets... Now things are a lot more consistent.

PS: happy first post, driftyloon! 👋

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