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the true darkkitty

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okay i have really been acting funny for a while i do not mean ha ha funny sorry it,s just that i have been so stressed for a long time i am trying to be good now please if you want to ask me any thing come to this thread i really do have mental dissablities a wanted to be treated equil thou feel free to ask me anything :)
i noted a pattern here
1 i do something wrong you be mean till i fix
2 it i fix it you
3 ignore me
4 the whole thing repeats again and again and again and so on
i,m sorry for the unneeded insalting at times you have done this just as much if not even more then i have i don,t mean to be mean i,m not asking for a sweet coating i want the truth and just once not repeating insalts and talk about lack of mature you constantly do things just to spite me you never tryed to say sorry to me but i do in some situations i seem to be more mature yes i may say dumb things but i want to make you guys giggle not get called retarded also sorry rulez for that whole thing that happened i was upset about my relative having a stroke and i took it out on you also remember when i acted like a jerk for a while i was trying to be respected ( it worked for others here i thought but i now know you took it wrong when i said the mean stuff witch i thought you would take as being funny really sorry ) can we just forget it
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