Movies you just recently watched

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Re: Movies you just recently watched

Post by Elite Piranha »

Not a big fan of superhero movies, but some weeks ago I watched Joker and it was an amazing experience, the Joker has always been one of my favorite villains, but this movie made me like him even more.

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Re: Movies you just recently watched

Post by Lil_DRE »

Hmmm recently no one, but i wanna see The Joker, a friend told me was a very very interesting movie about the madness of a person and how he turns in another human being.
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Re: Movies you just recently watched

Post by Jaster »

I just saw Coco yesterday, I hadn't see it until yesterday :( , it's a very very good film , I loved it :D

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Re: Movies you just recently watched

Post by 12RayChienne9 »

Last night I saw a Spanish historical drama film called While at War along with my parents.
The film is set in the Spanish Civil War, a writer named Miguel de Unamuno is removed of his position as rector at the University of Salamanca by the Government of the Second Spanish Republic while the Rebel faction succeed in taking control of Salamanca so some of Unamuno's colleagues on charges of affiliation.
My former history teacher from 10th grade and my current Spanish teacher recommended me to watch this film. The film is so realistic and Unamuno's speech is the most mature of the film I have ever heard. I assure you that this movie is recommended because you learn something about the contemporary history of Spain.

Besides, I'm on the centre-left side according to the left-right political spectrum, that is to say, I support social equality and egalitarianism.

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