Igtario Generals

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Igtario Generals

Post by Keane »

I searched around and it looks like we don't have an Igtario thread so here it is, post anything Igtario related
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Re: Igtario Generals

Post by nr0r »

Ah yes I know of he. Igtario is my friend and a friend to all I think. He keeps the nigtarios at bay everyday. :D

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Re: Igtario Generals

Post by Rulez »

Let me just put it like this...

Fire Mario = Igtario.
Similar to how anal plaster = plaster for the anus.
It is a simple equation.

I realise not everyone understands this. I would advise all of those people to fuck off right now. The community does NOT need wastes of oxygen like you.

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Re: Igtario Generals

Post by HarukaDois »

Rulez wrote:It is a simple equation.
Yes, it is biological.
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Re: Igtario Generals

Post by R4Y_ANC3L »

Plumber Mario Brother: Igtario
I Wonders if he knows SMG4.

I'm a Luigi called Ruigi.
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