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Re: E3 2018

Post by Alexinator »

Beyond Good and Evil 2 looks amazing and Death Stranding looks interesting.
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Re: E3 2018

Post by Rayfist »

Forgot to post about my thoughts on Nintendo's E3 this year:
Chances are, if you aren't a Smash fan, this direct probably left you feeling super dry. Much like how E3 2016 was almost entirely devoted to Breath Of The Wild, E3 2018 was focused almost entirely on Smash. Not to give Smash TOO much credit though: we got an announcement for a new Fire Emblem game which looks to be like it'll have some open world elements, some Xenoblade 2 DLC (one of my favorite games of last year), a new Mario Party, and a new IP called Daemon X Machina which looked kinda dope.

Smash Ultimate really took me by surprise. I was expecting a completely new art style, but Smash 4 was DEFINITELY used as a foundation for this, which is very notable in it's graphics, and assets that were often reused (this isn't to say nothing has changed, a lot of characters got facelifts and such.) Regardless- I am not mad about this at all, I think it's the most feasible decision Nintendo could've made. Smash 4's roster was one of the biggest in any fighting game, and I was incredibly scared thinking of the fact that we'd probably start with a roster of 30 or so characters if we were to get a completely new art style. That being said, rather than being a completely new experience, this games main focus is creating the most complete Smash experience possible for every type of player. Content-wise this will be the biggest Smash game ever, we'll be getting all returning characters from Melee, Brawl, and Smash 4, and few newcomers, making this the biggest roster ever in Smash (65 characters, and more to possibly be announced in the future.)

To wipe out the biggest argument though- is it a port? The answer is definitely no, it is a new game. I don't think reusing assets equals a port. It is a new game, make no mistake. Mechanics and gameplay have been tweaked in many ways (some of my favorite changes are the return of directional air dodging from Melee, and punishment for excessive shielding.) There are indeed a lot of similarities to Smash 4- which may be disappointing to some, but remember that this game is suppose to be the most complete experience possible. I'm really hoping this game will appeal to both casual and pro Smash fans, I can see myself having a lot of fun with this one.

Also, no word if we're getting any extra modes like Smash run, or Subspace Emissary. Fine by me. I think at the end of the day these modes weren't exactly necessary, and I want to see a 100% focus on the main game rather than creating an extra mode for the characters.

Overall, I'd say Nintendo's e3 was okay. I admit I was really hoping for some Metroid Prime 4 gameplay, and some new big announcements. I'd give it a 8/10.

Here's my reaction towards the announcement of Snake returning, by the way. Tears of joy were shed.
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