A litte game-prototype (Puzzle-Plattformer)

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A litte game-prototype (Puzzle-Plattformer)

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This is just a one-level-demo which shows how a full game of this could be look like. It concentrates on the main gameplay so there are no ememies, action-parts or whatever. And the graphics are not perfect :wink:

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?a8w803utonc9lb4

About the game

The main idea is to collect letters and build words with it. "Useful" words will be converted into objects you need to get through the level. So its like "you build objects with letter-DNA". This prototype is very linear so the riddels are only solve-able with a certain solution. For other words you only get bonus points (which could be used to open new levels in a full version).

I had the basic idea back in the end of 2008, before Scribbelnauts was announced...but yeah, i can't prove that :fou2: But my game idea is also more conceived as core game with a serious touch (like Braid) than as casual-educational game (like Scribbelnauts). But this is a prototype so the concept also could change a lot.

About the Prototype

I want to test the main Idea with this prototype. If enough people like the idea, I will develop a full game of this. But if I do this, the quality of the game should be higher than in this prototype so I will build a small team. If you are talented in 2D-animations, arts, MMF-programming, music, writing or any other kind of game design and interessted to join the development contact me via mail or PM and show me some of your work.

More Infos & Stuff: http://www.facebook.com/pages/MasterHer ... 6847719461
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