F!ght For all

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F!ght For all

Post by skellydude7 »

F!ght for all Is an Fictional Comic made by me :fou2: And This is the only place I could Make an article about it.

:D Leader
:) Warrior
:P Warrior Lvl 2
1 Lvl 1
2 Lvl 2


Jon Filk (Main)
Bill Ten (Side)
Kelly Day (GF of Main)

Robo Team:
Robo-V.1 :)
Robo-V.2 :)
Robo-Elite :P
Rob O. :D

Wood Team:
G/D/F/Z/ent :)
Wooded :D
TreePod :P

Rock Team:
Fixe :)
Foxe :)
Roote :)
Throo :D
Cruble :P

Flame Team:
Lavo :)
Lova :)
Avol :)
Fol :P
Kai Fla :D

Sword 1
Sword 2
Ice Sword 3
Flame Sword 4
Rock Sword 4
Great Sword 4
Long Sword 4
Blood Sword 8
Axe 2
Magic Axe 3
Great Axe 4
Blood Axe 7
Flail 3
Blood Flail 7
Bomb 4
Big Bomb 5
Blood Bomb 8
Ultimate Weapon 10
Silver Ulti. Weapon 11
Golden Ulti. Weapon 12
Sacred Golden Ulti. Weapon 10000+
Dawid is NameBlank is Skellydude, too!
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