RL- The Endless day

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RL- The Endless day

Post by Gina02 »

I know I've disappeared for months now, but let me go on with my fan story/fan-fic of Rayman Legends (RL for short). ;) (also I'm on DA of teensyray and Raymoon01) ;) This comic will appear in DA ;)

On a lazy day, of saving teensies from the evil magician Alesmansay, there came that day where Rayman and his friends were exhausted of saving the world so they slept under the tree till then,the magician quickly seized one of Rayman's friend Barbara :shock: , Rayman and his friends sprung into action, and followed the magician and proceed to chase him.

After the huge chase,they have finally,they had found the magician dipping Barbara in a how stew, of a giant pot of the Infernal Kitchens.

Rayman and his friends didn't want to be stew, so they knew they had to plan something :shock:

This story remains to be continued (I hope you enjoy) :P
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