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role playing - game

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Ok if you dont know what a roleplay is then its just a story were you have charries(charecters) and you write from their point of view, anyone can write its not set for just a few people. Ill show you the first bit...
These are the charries...
Colour for Findo 0040FF
Colour for Trinta 80BF00
Colour for Sodux BF0040

Age: Teenager
Description: Findo is known for the best dance moves in the fairy glade, he is also flexible and wears a shirt made of silk.Findo is a loner and doesnt socialise alot but hes also kind and smart.

Sex: Female
Species: Teensie
Age: Teenager
Description: Trinta is silly but good at using the power of lums to open portals to the hall of doors. She is one of the only teensietes made by polokus, but she isnt interested in boys...yet.

Age: Adult/elder
Description: Very wise, was a child at the time of the great saviour. Sodux has been nearly in everyplace of the glade of dreams. He cant get his point across very well.

Ok you can do whatever you want with the story but please use this rough guidline thanks.
The nightmares from the cave of bad dreams have escaped by the absence of Jano, and the nightmares are slowly spreading through the glade.

Keep to the line that goes Findo , Trinta then sodux... I'll start you of - any questions then please ask me thanks =D

Findo strolled through the forest taking in all the beautiful views around him, the birds were singing the bees were buzzing Findo felt safe in the forest. He had been wandering for days in the forest stopping at small cafe's like eat at joe's, he sat down for a rest looking up at the sky, it was midday. The two moons were still visible, he kept staring true beauty he had finaly found it he was away from all the touble's of village life and was on his own. Findo wondered if there are other worlds out there just like the glade of dreams, suddenly he was excited i know the perfect thing to do he thought. He quickly jogged, im going to have to get past the bogs to get to Trinta. It would take findo around 3 hours to get there, by that time it would probably be evening. He thought he might drop by Jano's lair to see how he's doing.

"Jano!, Jaano!" "Jano! Were are you!?" called Findo. He coldnt find him, so he entered Jano's lair. A foul stench wafted around the grim room around him, he choked for the first few seconds but then got slightly used to it. His eyes adjusted to the dark, he couldnt see anything,something suddenly hit his head he span round and looked up, it was a skull.
"Aghhh!" Findo shouted he backed away and his foot tripped over something, he picked it up, a torch. He quickly lit it to find the den ransacked and a carcass of a mini jano lay. Findo looked around thousands of symbols he couldnt understand were painted on the wall...with blood. He walked towards them and herd an evil cackle, the ground started to rumble louder and louder it exploded. Thousands of ghosts and demons leaked through the crack. Findo had no time to think he sprinted as fast as he could shouting"ssssid! ssid!!!" Findo ran on the lillipads shouting sssid until a small blue snake head poped out of the water. "Yesssss?"sid asked. With no time to explain Findo grabbed ssssids scarf and screamed "Canopy now!"
"On it,"replied sssid
Findo was water skiing, he glanced back and saw the ghosts and demons, they wernt as fast as he thought they were, he had no idea what to think he would tell the village in the canopy about this escpesially Sodux.

With the danger far away he was safe now Findo asked, "hows dad?"
"Ohh Sssssams exxxxxxcelent thanksssss"
It was night time by the time they got to the village.

Ok now some one write from Trintas point of view and then Soduxes =D Minimum 6 lines =D

Sorry about the spelling mistakes =D
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