Minecraft Origins : a RO mod. :help needed and wip:

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Minecraft Origins : a RO mod. :help needed and wip:

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hello, if your willing to help me with this, you are free to start, back story of the mod : two things i love, minecraft and Rayman Origins. there is rarely a rayman mod and texture pack. (i do know one, its a wip) but it will have almost everything from Rayman Origins, if you can make a world for the Glade of Dreams and the Land of the Livid Dead. that will make me very happy. so this came along! it maybe bigger then the aether mod, and we all know that it is big. i will post screen shots here and there. oh and can you please send me so sound effects, there is one file on here, but it never lets me go on the page, and its slow, if you can. can you put it into mediafire? it works fine like a pro on there. and i will give credit when the mod is fully release.so this is all for the RO fans/ rayman fans and ubiarts for making this wonderful game.

---mobs for now---
the creatures that are in the mod, there is a lot of them!

---passive mobs---
passive mobs will never attack the player.

done, just animation then on to bumper notebirds
bumper notebird
lums ( it will not be a rayman mod if it dosent have electoons or lums ^^ )

---neutral mobs---
neutral mobs will not attack the player unless provoked. the act of provoking Neutral mobs varies between mobs.

maybe all four kings, and i will not scrap them.
red wizards. %1 that you will find globox. good luck looking for him when this mod comes out! ^^
globox when hit will just go after you like a mad man, or slap you off a cliff.

---hostile mobs---
hostile mobs will attack the player when in range.

baby dragons chefs / waiters
tentacle claw (spawns only in water)
baby piranhas (spawns only in water)
blowing bird
dragonfly (dont think about the wonderful insect, this )
viking Birds
Baby Dragon Germs (rare, but poisonous.)

boss mobs have more complicated attack patterns, movements and will also attack the player. they also have a large amount of health as well. boss mobs only spawn once per world.(there needs to be more bosses.)

mocking Bird ( first bird boss mob xD )
murray ( the first ever sea creature boss in minecraft )
giant daisy ( first ever plant boss mob )
dragon chef (fighting face to face,not the first dragon boss in minecraft, a lot of arrows will be missed, hes going to be a very large mob... :oops2: fight him last out of all the others. )
big mama ( gotta be fun to skin ^^ )

utility mobs are created by and serve the player. they will never attack the player.

hearts (maybe....)


i dont got a lot of ideas for items for now, all i got is forks, only dropped by baby dragon chefs. and that will not be the only item, you guys can bring more to me / us.


there will be some of the stuff like bulb-o-lums and darkroots.

---scrapped stuff---
sorry if there was scrapped, theres a reason that they are not in the mod. :(
the dragon chefs belly world thing : reason i scrapped this is because that will be three worlds! and i dont want three worlds in this mod, two or one will be fine. and that will be four worlds. and it will be kinda cool if you battle him face to face.
bubo : they sound like a good idea to add them, but i rather fight the bosses without them. and will be very hard to add, grow, and put them on the bosses, and animate there eyes. i may upload a drawing of them in my style and animated some day, on my DA
these may come in the mod, they could be scrapped. never know.

bubble dreamer / polokus

thats about it. sorry if theres more mobs then other stuff, im running out of ideas of what to add to the mod. so have a nice day! :D
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