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Re: Re: TTQ: Season 123 – StelzenBomber
In a hidden room in The Longest Shorcut (she appears as a statue). I don't remember the specific part of the level.

Re: Re: TTQ: Season 123 – StelzenBomber

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Henchman : 3 Points
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Question 27: Where can you find LY in rayman 3?

Re: Make your own dumb Rayman theories!
Razorbeard also smokes, which is why he's so small.

Re: Make your own dumb Rayman theories!
teensy queen sounds. Like That because she smoked too much. thats a bad example for the kids smh!!

Re: Please introduce yourself here
Late welcome to General and welcome to this forum too, Zelen! Nice names guys! :)

Re: Please introduce yourself here
thanks lads :D mario threads hell yeah

Re: Rayman 2
RayCarrot wrote:
Thu Nov 14, 2019 7:17 am
It almost seems as if Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava should have been the fourth one as that is entirely focused on air. Then it'd work out perfectly with the four elements.
Actually yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I wonder why I never thought of that.

I suppose from a gameplay perspective, they realized that they couldn't have Rayman flying around in an open space, so they ended up making the level an underground earth temple. It's the same reason they nerfed the Throttle Copter to three seconds.

A flame-throwing flying monster also makes more sense as an air guardian than an earth one, though obviously he'd make even more sense as a fire one...

Re: Rayman 1
Imagine how weird it would be if the water started at the top and then went down, so all you had to do was stand there until the water level descended and then just walk down to the bottom. :lol:

Re: Rayman 1
Anyone ever played Rayman mirrored? (video flipped horizontally) :lol:

I just thought of it there but I haven't tried to play it like that yet. however I found a website that mirrors youtube videos and I'm watching a playthrough flipped.

at first it was a bit strange, especially when you've played the game so much and some things just look odd. but after a while you start to sort of lose where you are and it looks like a fresh game :lol:
obviously the text and stuff looks silly but if you look past that it's quite an experience.

It actually gave me the idea of creating a mod where the image would be flipped but the start and end of the levels were swapped too.
So the game would feel normal because you are walking from left to right but you would lose your bearings from normal Rayman and it would look like a totally new game. :lol:

when watching the playthrough I realised that the way the levels are created there wouldn't actually be any softlocks because you can go back and forward very naturally within the levels anyway. and if there were levels that wouldn't work that way like the spiky hill one or Tarayzan that particular level could just be normal.

Re: Something Bothering you?/Daily Doldrums
Indy wrote:
Thu Nov 14, 2019 9:01 am
No, but I did think at first they were or could have been based on the way they typed and acted. They would openly list their social medias even after they were caught doing nasty shit with others. So, they never were a active member on RPC as far as I know. But they are multi-fandom that also happens to include Rayman and some other things I'm interested (Jurassic World, Pokemon, Mystery Skulls, and possibly We Happy Few)

Let me tell you, I've had friends who are multi-fandom, but they aren't as wack as this bitch.
Ok, thanks for the clarification.

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