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After the fight, she runs to her magic mirror, and stands on a tall chair in front of it, mockingly calling out to [[Rayman]]. When Rayman steps through the mirror, he finds himself teleported to another region of the Bog, where he eventually encounters and defeats [[Count Razoff]] in his mansion. Bégoniax then appears in Razoff's dungeon, possibly having come there via Razoff's own magic mirror. It is then revealed that Bégoniax is infatuated with Razofff; she is seen holding and caressing him, with [[Rayman]] and [[Globox]] witnessing. Telling him ‘Carry me off to your cells and lock me in!’ or ‘Whip me!’ Unfortunately Razoff does not reciprocate her feelings, and repeatedly tells her to ‘Let go!’ or ‘Girl, get off!’ as he tries to struggle free of her grip. She then carries him off. It is unknown what happens to Razoff immediately afterwards, but the minigame [[Crush]], which presumably takes place after the main story, centres around Razoff using his wrecking ball to crush [[toad]]s, which have apparently been proliferating in his dungeon since Bégoniax's arrival.
[[File:Begoniax_RHR.PNG|thumb|200px|left|Bégoniax from [[Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge]]]]
In the minigame [[Crush]], which takes place after the events of ''[[Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc|Rayman 3]]'', Bégoniax has cast a spell on [[Count Razoff]]'s dungeon, causing [[toad]]s to start multiplying within it. It is implied that these toads are Bégoniax's transformed lovers, or perhaps their offspring. The player must help Razoff to crush the toads with his wrecking ball. One of the toads is apparently a transformed Bégoniax, as it looks identical to how Bégoniax appears when [[Rayman]] splashes her own toad potion on her in their fight. However, this toad appears multiple times during the minigame, even after being crushed repeatedly, indicating that Bégoniax is not actually killed here.


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