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'''Stumblebooms''' are [[Hoodlum]]s which appear as [[Hoodboom]]s on stilts. They throw explosive bottles at [[Rayman]] whilst balancing on stilts out of reach and sometimes over toxic bogs to make it harder for [[Rayman]] to hit them. According to the description from [[Rayman 3]], they're just like their ground-based companions, but head and shoulders above.
They wear red cloaks with a hole in the top of their heads and have explosive bottles strapped around their fronts. [[Rayman]] can either stand underneath them to lure bombs to destroy the stilts or use the Vortex power up to spin the stumbleboom Stumbleboom off of his stilts where [[Rayman]] can then punch him. The first one is found in the [[Bog of Murk]] and can be defeated with the [[Laser-Washing Powder|Green-Washing Powder]].
[[File:jamboombeur.jpg|thumb|Beta skin for Stumbleboom]]


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