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Shadow Plain

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[[Image:ShadowPlain.jpg|thumb|320px|Menu previewof Shadow Plain]] 
'''Shadow Plain''' is the first of three Beginner League battle arenas in [[Rayman M]]. It features a basic set-up to allow new players to become accustomed to the game.
Shadow Plain is a dark and simple square-shaped map that is generally rather open, similar to [[the Tomb of the Ancients]] in ''[[Rayman 2: The Great Escape|Rayman 2]]''. There are small walls set slightly away from the corners of the single-room map (high enough to hide a player running behind them) and on top of two of these will appear Generators in Lum Fight. The center is formed by paths link like a "+" sign, and the middle also features a Gold Generator. The center is also formed like a square, and the remaining area contains holes in the ground--four in each corner--and each contain a standard Generator.
==External links==
* [ Shadow Plain playthrough at YouTube (PC version)]


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