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Super Yellow Lum

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[[File:SuperYellowLum-R2TGE-PC-TFG.png|right|thumb|316px320px|A Super Yellow Lum, as seen in ''[[Rayman 2: The Great Escape|Rayman 2]]'' (PC version).]]
A '''Super Yellow Lum''' is a special type of [[Lum]] which is formed by the reunion of five normal [[Yellow Lum]]s. It Despite the resemblance, it shall not be confused with the third player's [[Light Fly]] from ''[[Rayman M]]'', in the [[Capture the Fly]] battle mode.
[[File:SuperYellowLum-R2Forever-GBC-TFG.PNG|left|frame|A Super Yellow Lum, as seen in ''[[Rayman 2 Forever]]'']]
                    ==In They are found in all versions of ''[[Rayman 2: The Great Escape|Rayman 2]]''== [[File:SuperYellowLum-PauseScreen-R2TGE-PC.png|right|thumb|316px|A Super Yellow Lum can be seen in the pause screen from , except for ''[[Rayman 2: The Great EscapeRevolution]]'' (PC, N64 and Dreamcast versions only).]] These are found despite being mentioned in the manual: in all versions this game, each of ''the 1000 [[Rayman 2: The Great Escape|Rayman 2Yellow Lum]]''s must be found separately. However, they do not appear in ''They resemble larger [[Rayman RevolutionYellow Lum]]''. It resembles a larger Yellow Lum, s with a grinning face. When [[Rayman]] collects one, it counts as five normal [[Yellow LumsLum]]s, suggesting that Super Yellow Lums are formed of five [[Yellow Lums Lum]]s joined together, in the same fashion that [[the Heart of the World]] is formed of 1000 Yellow Lums. In ''[[Rayman Revolution]]'', each of the 1000 Yellow Lums must be found separately; there are no Super Yellow Lums.                   ==In [[Rayman 2 Forever|the Game Boy Color version of ''Rayman 2'']]== [[File:SuperYellowLum-R2Forever-GBC-TFG.PNG|right|thumb|316px|A Super Yellow Lum, as seen in ''[[Rayman 2 Forever]]''s.]]
They can also be found in the [[Rayman 2 Forever|Game Boy Color version of ''Rayman 2'']]. The Super Yellow Lums in this version appear slightly larger, lack grinning faces, and have a value of ten Yellow Lums, making them twice as valuable as the Super Yellow Lums in the other versions.
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          [[File:SuperYellowLum-PauseScreen-R2TGE-PC.png|right|thumb|320px|A Super Yellow Lum can be seen in the pause screen from ''[[Rayman 2: The Great Escape|Rayman 2]]'']]
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