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Rayman 2 (cancelled prototype)

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[[File:Rayman_2_prototype_article_3.jpg|right|thumb|316px300px|[[The General]] appears and an early [[Robot Dinosaur]] appear prominently in this preview image of the game]]
Early in its development, '''''[[Rayman 2: The Great Escape]]''''' was intended to be a 2D game, which would have been very similar to ''[[Rayman 1|Rayman]]'' in terms of graphics and gameplay. This 2D game would have been released for the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation.
It is unknown exactly how near the game was to completion, but it seems that its music had not yet been composed when the game was scrapped. However, the magazine's article on the game stated that ‘it's already in a fairly advanced state – expect to see a preview next month’.
When the developers saw Naughty Dog's original ''Crash Bandicoot'' game at the 1996 Electronic Entertainment Expo, they became aware of the new gameplay possibilities offered by the 3D platforming genre. This lead to their cancellation of the sidescrolling ''Rayman 2'' prototype in favour of [[Rayman 2: The Great Escape|the final 3D game]].
==Gameplay mechanics==
[[Image:Rayman 2 prototype article.jpg|316px300px|thumb|right|A Saturn magazine's article on the game]][[Image:Rayman 2 prototype article 2.jpg|316px300px|thumb|right|Another magazine's preview of the game (French)]]
[[Rayman]] would have started the game with all of the powers he received during [[Rayman 1|the original game]], and he would have gained additional powers as the player progressed. His [[telescopic fist]] would have been able to fly around more freely, and with greater momentum; punching and jumping in a certain way would even cause the [[telescopic fist|fist]] to circle [[Rayman]] completely due to the centrifugal force. Rayman would have been able to punch through certain surfaces to open up secret passageways. As in the final 3D game, Rayman would have learned to swim. Rayman would have met new friends, and some of these would have followed and helped him during gameplay.
*Pre-[[Henchman 800]] – The primary enemies of the game were what was ultimately replaced by the [[Henchman 800|Henchmen 800]] in [[Rayman 2: The Great Escape|the final version]]. These were limbless, orange-coloured robotic soldiers, whose bodies were of a similar shape to that of [[the General]]. In their floating right hands, they held musket-like guns, which they could use to fire projectiles at [[Rayman]] (they could even fire at him from the background if he was in the foreground). The projectiles were similar to those fired by [[Space Mama]] from her rolling pin.
*Pre-[[Robot Dinosaur]] – Another enemy would have been a tall robotic dinosaur, which patrolled back and forth, breathing fire at [[Rayman]] if he came to close to it. [[Rayman]] could jump on the dinosaur's back if it was facing away from him, then flatten its metal head with his fists. The head could then be used as platform - that it, until the dinosaur recovered several seconds later. The [[Robot Dinosaur]] which [[Rayman]] encountered in [[Rayman 2: The Great Escape|the final version]] may have been inspired by this enemy.
*Flying pre-[[Robot Dinosaur]] – This game would also have featured winged, flying versions of the robotic dinosaurs; their 3D model was shown in a promotional video, and sketches of them appeared in a magazine article. Very little is known about them.


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