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Mr Dark's Dare

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{{Template:R1Level| name = Mr Dark's Dare| image = [[Image:Chateau1PC.png|center|320px|class=sprite|''Mr Dark's Dare'']]| preceded by = [[Mr Skops' Stalactites]]| followed by = [[Ray Breakout]]}} '''Mr Dark's Dare''' (called French: '''''Le Défi de Mr Dark''''' – '''''The Challenge of Mr Dark's Château''' in the Atari Jaguar version') is the first and only level of [[Candy Château]], the sixth and final world of [[Rayman 1|the original ''Rayman'' game]]. The first time it is played, it consists of four parts. After that, it consists of zero; selecting the level from the world map after completing it will show the player the happy-ending screen, before going straight to the credits. However, in the [[Rayman Advance|Game Boy Advance]] and [[Rayman (Nintendo DSi)|DSiWare]] versions the first 3 parts of the level are playable even after playing through the level once. In [[Rayman (Nintendo DSi)|the DSiWare version]], it is possibly due to the fact that the credits are part of the pause menu. In [[Rayman (Atari Jaguar)|the Atari Jaguar version]], it is known as '''Mr Dark's Château'''.
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|[[Image:Chateau1PC.png|thumb|316px|right|The very first scenery of [[Candy Château]]]]
==Part 1==
In this phase, [[Rayman]] must slide across slippery hills of whipped cream while riding a [[frying pan]], making sure to avoid gaps and sweet colourful lakes. In [[Rayman (Nintendo DSi)|the DSiWare version]], the [[frying pan]] doesn't have any acceleration, meaning it constantly moves in the same speed no matter if the player is moving uphill or downhill.
[[Image:MapCAK1-1PC.jpg|700px|PC version]]
[[Image:MapCAK1-1PS.jpg|700px|PS version]]
|-|[[Image:CCJag4.PNG|thumb|320px|left|This part features [[Swiss knife|Swiss knives]] and corkscrews]]{{clear}}
==Part 1 ([[Rayman (Atari Jaguar)|Atari Jaguar version]])==[[Image:CCJag4.PNG|frame|class=sprite|left|This part features [[Swiss army knife|Swiss army knives]] and [[corkscrew]]s.]]In [[Rayman (Atari Jaguar)|the Atari Jaguar version]], this level's layout is completely different. Instead of riding on the [[frying pan]], [[Rayman]] has to follow some [[Ting]]s that form arrows, most of which lead to dead ends but make mostly [[cloud]]s appear. He will often have to [[Telescopic fist|punch ]] [[Swiss army knife|Swiss army knives]] to get past them unhurt, and duck under corkscrews [[corkscrew]]s while riding these [[cloud]]s. Both the [[Swiss army knife|Swiss army knives]] and the [[corkscrew]]s also appear in ''[[Rayman Designer]]''.
|-|[[Image:BadRayman.png|thumb|316px|right|[[Rayman]] is pursued by [[Bad Rayman]]]]{{clear}}
==Part 2==
[[Image:BadRayman.png|frame|class=sprite|right|[[Rayman]] is pursued by [[Bad Rayman]].]]In this level, [[Mr Dark]] casts a spell on [[Rayman]] and summons [[Bad Rayman]], his evil clone, who copies every single move he makes. He then has to reach the [[exit sign ]] without touching him. There is The level has a method from preventing bunch of small dead-end areas with extra [[Mr DarkLife|lives]] from summoning and other power-ups. Although they are not hard to find, or hard to get to, they're made difficult by the fact that [[Bad Rayman]]is constantly being chased. In It is however possibly to skip the PC and PlayStation versiontrigger, the method is that known as a [[Raymangendoor]] must jump over the gendoor at the start (shown as , which spawns [[the MagicianMr Dark]]). This can be done by [[Raymanrunning]] staring right at from the back of far left and jumping over the map (without going right at all when he spawns). Then [[Raymangendoor]] must start with his [[running]] abilty then jump and [[helicopter]] straight away. This method can fail sometimes is quite hard to perform and may need some pratice onis not possible in the PlayStation version. In the [[Rayman Advance|the Game Boy Advance version of ''Rayman'']], the [[gendoor ]] is visible and is noted by , being displayed as a very small [[ting]]. The method is the samesparkle, but making it is much more easy to easier timing the jump over.
|-|[[File:CCJag8.PNG|frame|left|[[Rayman]] can cross the lakes of caramel by jumping on the tiny floating bits of icing]]{{clear}}
==Part 2 ([[Rayman (Atari Jaguar)|Atari Jaguarversion]])==[[File:CCJag8.PNG|frame|class=sprite|left|[[Rayman]] can cross the sweet colorful lakes by jumping on the tiny floating bits of icing.]]Again, this level is completely different in [[Rayman (Atari Jaguar)|the Atari Jaguar version]], and as such, [[Bad Rayman]] does not appear at all. Instead he [[Rayman]] can walk around without the fear of being stalked by a deadly spell, but there are still many dangers that lurk in the area.
|-|[[Image:CourseForcee.png|thumb|316px|right|[[Rayman]] is forced to [[Running|run]] by [[Mr Dark]]]]{{clear}}
==Part 3==
[[Image:CourseForcee.png|frame|class=sprite|right|[[Rayman]] is forced to [[Running|run]] by [[Mr Dark]].]][[Mr Dark]] then casts several spells on [[Rayman]]. The first one reverses his controls, id est meaning he will be walking left if the player wants to go right, and vice versa. Several [[clown]]s stand in his way to bring even more confusion. At a certain point, the spell will break, and [[Mr Dark]] will cast a new one, which forces [[Rayman]] to [[Running|run]] until this wears off, without the possibility of using his [[helicopter]] hair. At the very end of the level, he will cast a last spell, which steals [[Rayman]]'s [[telescopic fist]]. This part remains the same in [[Rayman (Atari Jaguar)|the Atari Jaguar version]], with few minor changes.
[[Image:MapCAK1-3PC.jpg|700px|PC version]]
[[Image:MapCAK1-3PS.jpg|700px|PS version]]
|-|[[Image:MrDark.png|thumb|316px|left|The final battle against [[Mr Dark]]]]{{clear}}
==Part 4==
[[Image:MrDark.png|frame|class=sprite|left|The final battle against [[Mr Dark]].]][[Image:RaymanSaturnFin.jpg|thumb|320px|right|The stained glass windows shatter after [[Mr Dark]] is defeated in the Sega Saturn version.]][[Rayman]] has to battle [[Mr Dark]]. Once completed, this level cannot be played again excluding the [[Rayman Advance|Game Boy Advance]] and [[Rayman (Nintendo DSi)|DSiWare]] versions. This part is very different in [[Rayman (Atari Jaguar)|the Atari Jaguar version]]. [[Mr Dark]] has 12 health points rather than 24, he attacks [[Rayman]] with fireballs for a little while longer, he only morphs into two creatures ([[Mr Skops]]/[[Mr Stone]] and [[Bzzit]]/[[Mr Sax]]/[[Space Mama]]) instead of three and the creatures sweat and walk/jump away when they are damaged enough. When [[Mr Dark]] is defeated, [[Rayman]] does his celebration dance but while he does it, a lot of shining [[Electoon]] faces seen from the [[Cage|medallions]] appear around him, with a piece of colourful text saying well done.
==External links==
'''Atari Jaguar'''* [ Mr DarkYv6qWhDfoa8 Haruka's Dare playthrough at on YouTube (] '''Sony PlayStation version) (Part 1'''* [http://2) Haruka's playthrough on YouTube'''PC/MS-DOS'''* [ Mr Dark__dpqvpz_7k Haruka's Dare playthrough at on YouTube (Sony PlayStation version) (Part 2] * [ RayCarrot's playthrough on YouTube]
'''Game Boy Advance'''* [httphttps://www.youtubeyoutu.combe/watch?v=__dpqvpz_7k Mr DarkJetQLz0K2Bw RayCarrot's Dare playthrough at on YouTube (PC/MS-DOS version)]
[[fr:Le Défi de Mr Dark]]
[[de:Mutprobe für Mr Dark]]
[[it:Sfida di Mr. Dark]]
[[pl:Mr Dark's Dare]]
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[[Category:Places in the Valley]]

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