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Punching Plateaus

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==Area 1==
[[File:Platformmansfirstappearance.jpg|thumb|left|250px|Platformman's first appearance.]]
[[The Magician]] is seen at the start of the level on the left again and will tell the players about [[Bulb-o-Lum|Bulb-o-Lums]], charging their attacks, and ground pounding if they attack or jump on his hat. Afterwards the players can continue through the level defeating [[Livingstone|LivingstonesLividstones]] and avoiding dangerous waterscontaining [[Tentacle claw|Tentacle Claws]]. [[Platformman]] also makes his first appearance in this area.
==Area 2==
===Secret Area 1===
[[File:Secretareapp.jpg|thumb|left|270px|Inside the first secret area.]]
The team must defeat four [[Livingstone|Livingstones]] Lividstones guarding the cage while avoiding falling into the [[Spiky flower|Spiky Flower]] pit. They can do this manually or use [[Swingman]] to swing over them and hit the bulb causing the platforms the Livingstones Lividstones are standing on to disappear making them fall into the pit.
==Area 3==
Similar to the first area where the team must defeat Livingstones Lividstones and avoid dangerous waters. Even though an Electoon can be heard crying for help it is not in this area.
==Area 4==
===Secret Area 2===
[[File:Secondsecretareapp.jpg|thumb|right|270px|Inside the second secret area]]
The team must simply defeat two Livingstones Lividstones guarding the cage. If they miss one they can use the flower bulbs to bounce back up and defeat them.
==Area 5==
The team must now use their combined skills of jumping and attacking in order to defeat Livingstones Lividstones and avoid falling into dangerous waters or bottomless pits. Several [[Spiky flower|Spiky Flowers]] guard two [[Skull Coin|Skull Coins]] in this area.
==Area 6==
The team must finally defeat five Livingstones Lividstones in order to be able to break the cage and end the level.
*[[Spiky flower|Spiky Flowers]]
*[[Tentacle claw|Tentacle Claws]]

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