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Geyser Blowout

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==Area 2==
[[File:Firstsecretdoor.jpg|thumb|left|270px320px|The first secret area location.]]
The team spots a [[Lum King]] upon entering and then slides down a a waterfall onto some moving platforms near a geyser. After going up said geyser they encounter [[Swingman|Swingmen]] who help them across a huge gap. However, below the gap is the first secret area of the level which the players can access and find the first Electoon cage. Afterwards, they can head back up using a flower bulb and continue on through the area.
===Secret Area 1===
[[File:Secretarea1.jpg|thumb|left|270px320px|Inside the first secret area.]]
The team must simply defeat the four [[Livingstone|Lividstones]] on moving platforms guarding the cage.
===Secret Area 2===
[[File:Secondsecretarea.jpg|thumb|right|270px320px|Inside the second secret area.]]
The team must defeat the four Lividstones guarding the cage. To do this they can either hit the bulb causing the platforms the three Lividstones are standing on to disappear thus making them fall into the rapid water into a [[Spiky flower|Spiky Flower]] then defeating the last one manually or defeating them all manually. The team must also be careful to not fall into the water and get bubblized by the Spiky Flowers themselves.

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