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p2lXSB <a href{{Character | name = Betina| image ="http[[Image://esrjhxvbrbozRTAS Betina.comjpg|320px]]| alignment = Good| appears in = [[Rayman: The Animated Series]]| portrayed by = Carolyn Lawrence (in [[Lac-Mac Napping]] and [[No Parking]])<br /">esrjhxvbrbozLacey Chabert (in [[High Anxiety]])<br /a>, Kath Soucie (in [[Big Date]])| sex = Female| species = [[urlHuman]]| status =httpAlly}} '''Betina''' is a unique character who only appears in ''[[Rayman://oclnogovkcatThe Animated Series]]''.com/She is one of the slaves held prisoner at [[Rigatoni]]oclnogovkcat's circus whom [/url[Rayman]]rescues. In the first two episodes of the series she is supposedly voiced by Carolyn Lawrence, though even she could not confirm that she had done Betina's voice. <ref>[link=[Rayman Pirate-Community]] discussion forums, ''WikiProject: Rayman'',, « I'm sorry to say I can't for the life of me remember the character I played. For some reason I've been unable to find the name in my old cast lists and records. »</ref> ==Appearance== Surprisingly Betina's appearance is similar to that of [[Betilla|Betilla the Fairy]ydcvwhhljcae] in terms of the colour of her hair and clothes, and even her name, only that she is a tall and thin ordinary girl with a wide face. Other than that, there does not seem to be any relation between her and [/link[Betilla]]. She has short red hair held up in a bunch, wears a yellow top and shoes, httpand wears light green pants. She also appears to wear a dark collar around her neck.  ==Gallery==<gallery widths="319px" heights="240px">Image:RTAS Heroes 1.jpg|Betina and her friends in ''[[Lac-Mac Napping]]''.Image:RTAS Heroes 2.jpg|Betina and her friends in ''[[No Parking]]''.Image:RTAS Heroes 3.jpg|Betina and her friends in ''[[High Anxiety]]''.Image:RTAS Heroes 4.jpg|Betina and her friends in ''[[Big Date]]''.Image:Betina.pngImage:BetinaAlternate.jpg <//yzxavsnznkxlgallery> ==Trivia==* Early concepts for ''[[Rayman: The Animated Series|The Animated Series]]'' refer to Betina under the name "Roz" and her physical appearance would be more realistic. She would also wear a hat and a ==References==<references/> [[fr:Betina]][[it:Betina]][[pl:Betina]][[es:Betina]] [[Category:Characters from Rayman: The Animated Series]][[Category:Friends]][[Category:Articles requiring expansion]]

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