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List of quotes in Rayman 3

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{{stub}} This is a list of quotes from the PC, Apple MacintoshMac, Gizmodo digiBLAST, [[Rayman 3 (Game Boy Advance)|NOKIA N-Gage]], [[Rayman 3 (Game Boy Advance)|Nintendo Game Boy Advance]], Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft Xbox versions of ''[[Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc]]''. The quotes are listed alphabetically, by character.
* ''"Gah! Listen up, [[Rayman|pipsqueak]]! Soon I'll transform the energy from the [[heart of the world]] into an army of Hoodlums! Then, I'll deal with you! Ehahahahaha!"''
* ''"Bug off, [[ludiv|fairy]]! Zelda needs you again!"''
* ''"Get me out of here or I'll start chewing!"''
* ''"Shut it! Ah, get me outta here, I'm thirsty!"''
* ''"[?] is not a word! You illiterate imbecile!"''
* ''"Get me a drink or I start nibbling his arteries!"''
* ''"Get moving Globox , or I'll tear yer heart out! Go!" [Globox drinks plum juice] "Aah, yes!"''
* ''"Globox! Get me something to drink or I'll suck up your intestine like an oversized piece'a spaghetti! G'arrh!"''
* ''"I like [[plum juice]] too. As long as it's fermented! Huahahaha!"''
* ''[Referring to being inside Globox's stomach]]"Down here: , if I breathe, I die!"''
* ''[When Rayman misses with the [[Shock Rocket]]] "Oh I love it! Keep it up!"''
* ''[When Rayman misses with the Shock Rocket] "Come on, you haven't scored yet! I hope you have better luck with the ladies!"''
* ''"Yeah, and you almost didn’t wet yourself. You disgust me!"''
* ''[When Rayman punches Globox] "Give a lum a break man!"
* ''[When Rayman punches Globox] "Come on Coward, coward! You're only delaying the inevitable!"
* ''[When Rayman punches Globox] "Globox, are you gonna take that? Sock him one!"
* ''[When Rayman punches Globox] "Come in here and try that!
* ''"Shut up, you ignoramus!"''
* ''"No! Don’t touch me! Nooo! Nooo! Globoooox! Help meeee, I’m scaaared! Noo! Ahhhhh!"''
==[[Baby Globox]](es)==
* ''"There's [[globox|Pa]]! Pa's come back! And [[Rayman]] too!"''
* ''"This should tame you!"''
* ''"Hoo hoo, you know what you want!"''
* ''"Now that you have me where you want me, I suppose you’ll want to take advantage of me, won’t you?! …Won’t …won’t you?"''
* ''"Rayman? Raaaymaan! Raaaymaaan!"''
* ''"What’s yer problem? You afraid of girls?"''
==[[Clearleaf Stadium]] commentator==
* ''"Some very effective legwork out there today.!"''* ''"The Hoodlums didn’t know what hit ‘em.!"''
* ''"There’s a real lack of organization in the Hoodlum camp today, Tom."''
* ''"Oh, Rayman is unstoppable today, folks! He’s a real steamroller!"''
* ''"HalleluiahHallelujah!"''
* ''"Rayman treating the fans at home to a spectacular technical display!"''
* ''"Yikes! I’ve seen better defense in a Little League game!"''
* ''"Here, pretty, pretty, pretty!"''
* ''"I'll be right back. I have to go powder my nose."''
* ''"Unlucky and unwise is he who risks entering my domain. ! Let's give him a warm welcome.!"''
* ''"Ha! The faster you run, the faster you die!"''
* ''"I've tamed a more ferocious beast than you."''
* ''"Hahahaha! The trap has sprung!"''
* ''"You will not escape!"''
* ''"Move over, Buffalo Bill! Here comes cannonball Cannonball Bill!"''
* ''"No more steroids for you, scoundrel!"''
* ''"Ah ha! There you are! Get ready for this! Hahahahaha!"''
* ''"I'm a lover, not a fighter."''
* ''"You were nicer in [[Rayman 2]]."''
* ''"We're gonna be rated PG13!"''
* ''"I don't deserve this abuse!"''
* ''"I'm gonna barf."''
* ''"Hey, I'm not a switch!"''
* ''"You've seen too many gladiator flicks!"''
* ''"OW!"''
* ''"Ow! Ooh! Ah! Eeh! oh! Eeh! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Gaseous [[glute]], don't! Don't!"''
* ''"Just 'cause you're on TV doesn't mean you have to show off."''
* ''"Defeat is a relative concept."''
* ''"If I had a hammer!"''
* ''"You better look out, or we're gonna be censored mister. It's bad enough that I'm buck naked."''
* ''"Take it easy [[Rayman]], Andy's on board."''
* ''"Quit it! The manual says you're my best friend!"''
* ''"Check out those birds! Boy, do they look stupid."''
* ''"Oh, just passing through. Pay no attention to me."''
* ''"It's only a video game. It's only a video game."''
* ''"I am so, so sorry."''
* ''"Oobie doobie doo, Globox is afraid and sings to calm himself down, oobie doobie doo."''
* ''"Something's wrong."''
* ''"Hey, Rayman, I didn't know you had a twin."''
* ''"I don't feel too good."''
* ''"I feel a little woozy."''
* ''"Hi, Rayman! What's up down there? Can't you ya fly? Like everyone else.?"''* ''"Unidentified flying object from a galaxy far far away! Submit to my power! I repeat, submit to my power!"''
* ''"Yoohoo, Rayman, it's me! Globox! In here!"''
* ''"I did it! I knew it would work! I did it!"''
* ''"Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Aah, that won't work."''
* ''"Abracadabra!"''
* ''"Yay! Rayman's back! Yay! What the... [[PaluchardMawpaw|Big hand]], leave him here!"''
* ''"Hey, Rayman, how are we gonna get to the doctor's?"''
* ''"Rayman, I need medical attention. Quick!"''
* ''"You [[Slobberpillar|slimy caterpillar]], come on, give me a big, wet kiss. Uncle Globox’s lips are chapped."''
* ''"I don’t care. I want my Andy."''
* ''"You have to scare the a Red LumsLum."''
* ''"Andy! My little Andy! We’re comin’ for ya!"''
* ''"Oh, no. I think I just hit a fish."''
* ''"Oh, no. I hit another fish. Can’t they swim deeper?"''
* ''"Rayman, we’re almost there! We’re gonna save Andy! We’re the kings of the world!"''
* ''"Ah, the [[Land of the Livid Dead]], at last. ! In any case, it’s nice and calm here. And here I was expecting a scary place filled with terrifying ghouls. Silly GoboxOh, silly Globox."''
* ''"Rayman, you’re the coolest ever! And you’re my bestest friend."''
* ''"Check out these gears! Remarkable! André’s already into heavy machinery. What a precocious child."''
* ''"Are you finally done goofin’ off? Can we get going now?"''
* ''"Bravo! Well done! You’re the best! Can we go now?"''
* ''"Cool, we ! We get to meet [[Hostess|the lady.]]"''
* ''"Hey, no fair, he’s protected by a [[hoodoo|sorcerer]]!"''
* ''"[[Rayman]], over here, quick, untie me! All the blood is rushing to my head...feels...weird...I'm starting to feel more intelligent...HELP!"''
* ''"Dear playerPlayer, it might surprise you to learn that yours truly is composed of eight hundred and sixteen polygons. Given that the garden-variety [[glute]] only contains THREE hundred and eighteen polygons, you can PLAINLY see why I'm on the cutting edge of 3D technology."'''
* ''"Please note that I'm also endowed with twenty formation poses and sixteen animations, resulting in a kind of flexibility that comes in handy during combat and in more intimate situations."''
* ''"Andre! It's Papa, and Ray! We're on our way!"''
* ''"Sooo...if you still believe that Rayman is more sophisticated than me, I have a valid question. How many times has Rayman lost since the start of the game? Hm? Hmm? More than me, that's for sure, given I have never known defeat! Need I say more?"''
* ''"Silence!"''
* ''"I said sileeenceSILENCE!"''
* ''"Would you shut up, you stupid toad!"''
* ''"Now Reflux is my champion, and no Knaaren has ever defeated him! Do you really believe that a limbless, little runt has a chance against him? No, but, really, I'm sure your friend will shine in the arena, when Reflux is burning his corpse! Let the combat begin!"''
* ''"Rayman! You fought heroically in the arena, even though it kills me to have to say it. Reflux has never known the taste of defeat!"''
* ''"Shut up, you idiot, I’m the king!"''
* ''"As a reward - You shall receive the power of a the Leptys!"''
* ''"Oh Leptys! Father of the Knaaren people! Give to this mighty, mighty warrior your crystal powers!"''
* ''"No way. My dad's stronger than your dad. I heard his friends say that he can even pick up a dog."''
* ''"Aurgh! Will you guys ''please'' stop talking about your dads!"''
* ''"Hey, are you going to the [[gongGong (Rayman 3)|gong]] party on Saturday?"''
* ''"I'd love to, but I doubt my dad will let me go out. He's been in a bad mood lately."''
* ''"Since Sally died, I feel so...alone." No one to hold in my arms. No one to love."''
* ''"This is getting a bit too much! Do you want to get thrown out, or what??"''
* ''"Well, guess what the Manual thinks of you!"''
* ''"Have you tried the mushrooms yet?"''
* ''"André! -You’re supposed to say that the bad guy’s called André! Stick to the script, will you??"''
* ''"This time, Murfy, you've gone too far! You can kiss your career goodbye!"
* ''"Hey Murfy - watch your language, will you?! There may be kids listening"
* ''"Ugh, look ! Look out [[Rayman]]! [[André]]'s is a [[Black Lum]], and Black Lums are twisted. Maybe he'll He may even force [[Globox]] to drink [[plum juice]], and we all know Globox is allergic to plum juice! See you in [[Rayman 4]]!"''* ''"Where is it written that I do my own stunts?!"
* ''"There's André! Quick, shoot him! I can't cover you much longer!"''
* ''"Woah, what could this be? '[[Laser detergent]] that transforms your clothes into combat fatigues'!"''
* ''"Don’t let him escape!"''
* ''"Excuse me, have you seen André?"''
* ''"Huh huh huh! How’s it hangin’, weiner dog? Come on, I’m kiddin’. Hey, I like that outfit on you. When does it come off? Huh huh huh! Don’t be so touchy. Here, check out what I found. The manual. It’s all in here. If you read the story, you’ll find your way out. ‘Once upon a time, there were Lums. Harmony. Love. Peace.’ Boring! ‘Suddenly, a Black Lum transforms the [[Red Lums]] into Hoodlums. The world is in great danger.’ Ooh, here we go, here we go. It says here that Globox took off with your hands."''* ''"What 'd I tell ya, here come the bugs thugs again!"''* ''"They’re raiding the [[Fairy Council]]! Enough is enough!"''* ''"I was told that after ‘[[Rayman 2]]’ I’d be cast as a tormented artist who falls for a girl with great, big…eh… And here I am, still playing a sidekick in some low-budget flick. Eesh! Yeesh."''* ''"Hahahaha, very stunning. Now you just gotta figure out how it works. Good luck."''* ''"Oh, no, here comes numbskull Numbskull again."''
* ''"Oooh, this place is crawlin’ with them."''
* ''"Aaah! They’re shootin’ at us! How original of them."''
* ''"Grab those red things, okay?"''
* ''"Rayman, you truly are the best."''
* ''"What? This is out of control! The manual claims that you can make a chopper outta your hair. Make a chopper off of your hair. Huh. Sounds like someone’s been eatin’ paint chips again."''
* ''"Globox? Globox! Heel!"''
* ''"Globox? Globox? ANSWER ME!"''
* ''"Globox, get back here!"''
* ''"Bravo, Rayman."''
* ''"Check it out, the Fairy Council. You’re lookin’ for action, this ain’t the place. Wacky spinsters around here."''* ''"This manual just blows my mind. Heh. It explains the switch’s trigger mechanism. Duh! Puh-lease. Who’s responsible for this garbage?"''* ''"Hey! Hey! Sounds like Globox!"''* ''"Show that barrelwho's the boss!"''* ''"HeySay, got room for a third?"''* ''"All this happiness in the beginning of the game. Something bad is gonna happen. I know it."''
* ''"Good job, Rayman. Where would you be without you?"''
* ''"The manual says you can curve your punches. Seems important."''
* ''"Ah, looks like you’ve hit rock bottom. Get back up there!"''
==[[Otto Psi]]==
* ''"You're too late. Reflux and André are already here."''
* ''"If he finds the energy to multiply, all is lost."''
* ''"Well,well well, let's see what we have here, if you don't mind..."''
* ''"Ahh, I see you've swallowed a Black Lum. We will need to resort to drastic measures..."''
* ''"I think I have an idea."''
* ''"Combat fatigues! That's exactly what we need! You're right."''* ''"Knowing what a scaredy -cat he is, he’s probably hiding someplace."''* ''"I’m sorryYAHOO! IHA-HA-IHA!"''* ''"Yeah-HOO! Yay me!"''* ''"YAHOO, HA HA! Yeah!"''* ''"I’m sorry! I-I-I didn’t-I didn’t mean to!"''* ''"Globox! Globox! Are , are you okay? ! Globox!"''* ''"Alright, Ladies and Gents! Let's roll!"''* ''"Hey, we’re back where we started. ! Looks like we get a full night’s sleep, after all."''
* ''"Hey, what’s the matter, Globox?"''
* ''"Y’know, he’s happier now. Look at the Red Lums, how . How happy they seem."''* ''"I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. Besides, I wouldn’t know how to do itthat."''* ''"[yawns] I 'd hate to imagine what could possibly scare a Lum."''
* ''[Rayman is cornered by two [[Knaaren]] when Reflux shoves them aside] "AhGah, step aside! He's mine!"''* ''"You seem quite clever, [[Rayman|stranger]]. That's good. ! I like clever people - . their brains are tastier!" [Steps toward Rayman] "Let's see how you handle yourself... in the arena!"''
* ''[After being scolded] "Yes [[Gumsi|Majesty]]."''
* ''"By the power of the ancestral [[Sceptre of the leptys|sceptre]]! I invoke thee, O Leptys, bringer of night, and Father of the Knaaren people; Approach, and give me, your power."''
* ''"Yes YES, [[André|AndyANDY]]."''* ''"No AndyNO, ANDY."''* ''"Thanks AndyTHANKS, ANDY."''
==[[Roméo Patti]]==
* ''"I have to go upholster my sofa."''
* ''"I have to go, you know!"''
* ''"Little grasshopper, hit the [[Gong (Rayman 3)|gong]]. It will attract the Knaaren."''* ''"Little grasshopper, one must never let the Knaaren get near you. Capishe? NEVER!"''
* ''"I’ll meet you downstairs."''
* ''"One of my brothers is still held captive. Free him, and we’ll open up our world for you."''
* ''"I gotta go! Nature calls!"''
* ''"I have to go replace my hard drive."''
* ''"I have to go give grandpa his sponge bath."''
* ''"I gotta go finish my yogurt."''
* ''"I have to go wash my armpits."
* ''"I have to go shave my Glutes.
* ''"Ha-hey, big nose! If you want to cross the [[The Desert of the Knaaren|desert]], you need to use the tunnels."''
* ''"But, it won’t be easy. , The the tunnels are swarming with Knaaren. And those beasts are in-vince-i-ble.INVINCIBLE!"''
* ''"Yeah, well, you got a better idea?"''
* ''"You bet your bottom dollar, I do."''
* ''"Air traffic control has reported that [[The Leptys]] is now in view!"''
* ''"Warning! A moth invasion has just been detected in the ventilation system."''
* ''"Will the incredible [[glute ]] please report to the welcome desk? Will the incredible glute ''please'' report to the welcome desk?"''
* ''"The visit is about to begin!"''
* ''"Attention [[Hoodlums]]! [[André]], our beloved Master is not pleased! Rayman is still alive. As long as you don't know how to shoot, you will remain locked in a fiery ragethe firing range. Now, practise, practise, practise! "''
* ''"You have entered into the foundry, the Black Lums' hotspot!"''
* ''"Air traffic control has announced that The Leptys is about to land on the [[Tower of the leptys|Tower]] summit."''
* ''"You need a caning!"''
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