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Sea of Serendipity

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{{stub}}*''This article is about the world in ''[[Rayman Origins]]''. For the world in ''[[Rayman Adventures]]'', see [[20,000 Lums Under the Sea#Rayman Adventures|20,000 Lums Under the Sea]].''[[File:RaymanOrigins PreE3 HD Underwater.jpg|320px|thumb|right|Promotional screenshot of Sea of Serendipity, showing [[Rayman]], [[Globox]] and two [[Teensie]]s swimming away from a [[Murray|Giant Eel]].]]
The '''Sea of Serendipity''', later revisited as the '''Angsty Abyss''', is the fourth world in ''[[Rayman Origins]]''. This world composes of dock environments above and friendly and dangerous underwater elements below. This world is the first to not have any relation to a world from [[Rayman 1|the original ''Rayman'' game]].
Footage shows [[Rayman]] and [[Globox]] swimming near the sea floor, surrounded by marine life. They are chased by gigantic aquatic creatures. Above the surface of the ocean, a tribe of [[Globox]]'s species lives in a village supported on stilts.
==Description ==Sea of Serendipity==This is where you have to save takes place most often in the Ocean Nymph underwater world, filled with a variety of [[Annetta Fishfish]], which will give you like ones that sing a tune in a power to divegroup and the [[Blowfish]]. With this powerThere are also [[jellyfish]], you [[Sea anemone]] and [[Giant jellyfish]]. Another part of the world can go deeper to the sea and rescue be seen; a dock like area where members of [[Globox's species]] reside at, the [[ElectoonRed Wizard]]s being held there. Reach The [[Bad Bubbles Antitoon|Darktoons]] have taken over the docks, and Beyondconsequently the [[Red Wizard]] and pass s have them stuck on their heads. Some parts of the next underwater world!are dark and infested with other underwater creatures.
<gallery widths="320px" heights=Angsty Abbyss=="180px">And this is where you must pass thru the deeper ocean in Port 'O Panic 3.jpg|The first level has members of [[Globox's species]] named the [[Glade of DreamsRed Wizard]]s with [[Antitoon|gladeDarktoons]], full stuck on their heads.Port 'O Panic 14.jpg|The group of nightmares. Then, you must fight the singing [[Crevetonfish]], that appear throughout the fourth kingworld.Swimming with Stars 12.. Now, when all kings jpg|Some areas of the sea are free, you can return to the [[Moody Clouds]]dark.</gallery>
== In ''[[Rayman Origins]]'' =={{SeaofSerendipityROWorld| name = Sea of Serendipity| image = [[File:Ph oceanb.png|320px|''Sea of Serendipity'']]| preceded by = [[Gourmand Land]]| followed by = [[Mystical Pique]]| connected to = [[Angsty Abyss]]}}
==Back to Origins= Sea of Serendipity ==={{SeaofSerendipityRL}}At start of the world, above the surface of the ocean, a tribe of [[Globox's species]] named the [[Red Wizard]]s live in a village supported on stilts. Once the team of heroes save the ocean [[nymph]] [[Annetta Fish]] from a [[Antitoon|Darktoon]], she will give them the power to [[Swimming|dive]]. With this power, the team can go deeper into the sea filled with lighted and dark caverns, and enemies like [[jellyfish]], [[Tentacle claw]]s, [[Sea anemone]]s and [[redfish]].
==== Levels ====*[[Port 'O Panic]]*[[Swimming with Stars]]*[[Pirate's Treasure!]] (Optional; [[Tricky Treasure]] level)*[[Freaking Flipper]]*[[Bad Bubbles and Beyond]]*[[Fire When Wetty]] <gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">Port 'O Panic 6.jpg|The heroes must save [[Annetta Fish]] from a [[Antitoon|Darktoon]].Swimming with Stars 2.jpg|The player using the newly acquired [[swimming]] power.Fire When Wetty 7.jpg|Two [[Ocean Spider]]s.</gallery> {{ROWorld| name = Angsty Abyss| image = [[File:Murray of the Deep 10.jpg|320px|''Angsty Abyss'']]| preceded by = [[Luscious Lakes]]| followed by = [[Moody Clouds]]| connected to = [[Sea of Serendipity]]}} === Angsty Abyss ===In order to save one of the [[Four Kings]], the team must enter Angsty Abyss. Similar to its counterpart, the team will have to [[Swimming|swim]] through the caverns deep in the sea, although the caves are more dangerous than they were in Sea of Serendipity. The heroes will then have to fight [[Creveton]], the final of the [[Four Kings]]. If the [[Four Kings|Kings]] were saved in order, the players can return to the [[nymph]]s at the [[Dreamer's Door]]. ==== Levels ====*[[Why So Crabby?]]*[[Scuba Shootout]]*[[Beware of Mini-Murray]]*[[Risky Ruin]] (Optional; [[Tricky Treasure]] level)*[[Murray of the Deep]] <gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">Why So Crabby 13.jpg|More enemies appear in Angsty Abyss.Beware of Mini-Murray 3.jpg|[[Dragonfly|Dragonflies]] appear at one point in the world.Murray of the Deep 12.jpg|The team eventually have to battle [[Creveton]].</gallery> {{Clear}} {{RLLevel| name = Sea of Serendipity| preceded by = [[Gourmand Land]]| followed by = [[Mystical Pique]]| difficulty = [[File:DifficultySkull.png|32px|''Skull'']][[File:DifficultySkull.png|32px|''Skull'']][[File:DifficultySkull.png|32px|''Skull'']]| teensies = [[File:Icon5RO.png|15px|''5'']][[File:Icon2RO.png|15px|''2'']]| image = [[Image:Sea of Serendipity.png|200px|''Sea of Serendipity'']]}} == In ''[[Rayman Legends]]'' ==Sea of Serendipity returns as a world in the [[Back to Origins]] mode in ''[[Rayman Legends]]''. The levels from Sea of Serendipity and Angsty Abyss fuse together into one world with some levels, such as the [[Electoon]] stages, not being present. The levels themselves are mostly the same, with some graphical updates. [[The Magician]]'s hat has however been removed from the levels and some levels have been made easier. [[Swimming with Stars]] is known in the game as '''[[Swimming with Stars#Back to Origins|Swimming with the Stars]]''', and [[Beware of Mini-Murray]] is known as '''[[Beware of Mini-Murray#Back to Origins|Beware of the Mini Murray]]'''. === Levels ===*[[Freaking Flipper#Back to Origins|Freaking Flipper]]*[[Swimming with Stars#Back to Origins|Swimming with the Stars]]*[[Why So Crabby?#Back to Origins|Why So Crabby?]]*[[Fire When Wetty#Back to Origins|Fire When Wetty]]*[[Beware of Mini-Murray#Back to Origins|Beware of the Mini Murray]]*[[Scuba Shootout#Back to Origins|Scuba Shootout]]*[[Risky Ruin#Back to Origins|Risky Ruin]]*[[Murray of the Deep#Back to Origins|Murray of the Deep]] <gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">Freaking Flipper - Back to Origins 8.jpg|[[Freaking Flipper]], as it appears in ''[[Rayman Legends]]''.Why So Crabby - Back to Origins 3.jpg|[[Why So Crabby?]], as it appears in ''[[Rayman Legends]]''.Beware of the Mini-Murray - Back to Origins 10.jpg|[[Beware of Mini-Murray]], as it appears in ''[[Rayman Legends]]''.</gallery> {{RaymanOriginsWorldsRaymanOriginslocations}}{{RaymanLegendsWorldsRaymanLegendsLocations}}
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