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Mr Dark

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{{quote|text=The archenemy from ''[[Rayman 1]]'' returns. A stupedendous super villain, it was Mr Dark who stole [[the Great Protoon]] and sent the [[Electoon]]s scattering from its orbit. This series of events upset the harmonic balance of [[the Glade of Dreams|Rayman's world]] and a heroic fight followed.|sign=Official site|source=''[[Rayman Origins]]''}}
'''Mr Dark''' is [[Rayman]]'s arch-nemesis, and a major character in the [[Rayman (series)|'nigger who hides himself because he doesn'Rayman'' series]]. A diabolical and mysterious shape-shifting sorcerer, Mr Dark has attempted t like people to disrupt the balance of [[the Glade of Dreams]] on several occasions, but is always thwarted by Rayman. His features are hidden beneath a shadowy cloak and hat, beneath which only his glowing yellow eyes can be seen. Mr Dark's first appearance is in [[Rayman 1|the original ''Rayman'' game]], where know he acts as the main antagonist and final boss. He makes similar villainous appearances in [[Rayman (Game Boy Color)|the game's handheld adaptation]], and in ''[[Rayman Junior]]'', an educational spin-off. Although Mr Dark does not make a direct appearance in ''[[Rayman Origins]]'', the game makes several references to him, and it is ultimately revealed that his influence inspired [[the Magician]] to become a
[[Image:VIG RAP.png|frame|right|''‘Mr Dark kidnaps [[Betilla the Fairy]]’'']]


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