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The Fairy Council

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===Stage 4 – The Council falls apart===
[[Rayman ]] and [[Murfy ]] arrive in a large chamber. At the left side, there is a wooden target with a crude painting of Globox, at which a [[Hoodmonger ]] carrying a Vortex hides behind. He uses this to strike at some stone ledges with similar properties to the Meadowscrews, ending with a bouncy platform that lifts him onto a ceiling of vines that he has to climb onto. This leads him into a small chamber with a wall of vines to climb up, then leading him into and the first [[Tribelle]] found in the game. After climbing up the vines, Rayman is now in a corridor with a slippery slope. The only way to cross this is to bounce on the floating platforms there. At the top of the slope there is another wall of vines, leading him to another chamber in which the [[fairies]] are found.
[[André ]] hides in one of six areas in which the fairies nest. A [[Slapdash]] carrying a Vortex and a group of [[podocrock]]s are encountered here. Rayman will have to keep checking the nests until André is found. André escapes through the doors that lead to the [[Heart of the World]], which are then opened by one of the fairies. Rayman then goes through, climbing in between two walls (akin to ''[[Rayman 2]]''), and then into a chamber with a staircase that is falling apart.
This leads to another large chamber. Two [[Ninja Crab]]s are encountered here, one of which is crushed by a stone, though it is possible to shoot and kill it in time. A can of Vortex is also found here, which Rayman uses as appropriate to progress to a ceiling of vines which is also falling apart. At the end of this, [[Globox ]] appears, only for André to head straight for him and get swallowed, causing Globox to run straight to the Heart of the World.
[[File:HeartOfTheWorld.jpg|thumb|320px|right|[[The Heart of the World]] lies in the final chamber of the Fairy Council.]]


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