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Rayman 3

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===[[The Tower of the Leptys]]===
The explosion of the [[Hoodlum Headquarters ]] propels [[Rayman ]] to the entrance of the [[Tower of the Leptys]], where he helicopters [[helicopter]]s to land safely. The sky above glows blue, showing [[Reflux]]'s absorption of the Leptys' power.
Despite being the [[Leptys ]] being a [[Knaaren ]] deity, the Knaaren make no physical appearances within the Tower, though statues of their species can be found. Hoodlums [[Hoodlum]]s serve as the main enemies, defending the tower and impeding [[Rayman]]'s progress in preventing [[André ]] and [[Reflux ]] from absorbing the Leptys' power. Despite heavy resistance from the Hoodlum army, Rayman is able to proceed through the tower, reuniting with an [[Armaguiddon]] piloting [[Globox ]] in the process. In order to reach the summit of the Tower, Rayman accompanies Globox through the final levels of the Tower, with Rayman manning the Armaguiddon's rear gun when Hoodlum piloted Armaguiddon resistance is encountered.
After flying through the final levels of the Tower, [[Rayman ]] arrives at the Tower's summit, where it is revealed that [[Reflux ]] has succesfully successfully absorbed the [[Leptys]]' power. And thus, the final battle begins. There are many phases in this battle, but all focus on the sceptre through which Reflux had channelled channeled the Leptys' power. During the course of the battle, Reflux will grow giant, levitate, and eventually grow wings. Once this phase is reached, Rayman returns to manning the rear guns of the [[Armaguiddon ]] that [[Globox ]] had acquired, as the duo chase the now winged Reflux into a surreal unknown zone. After one final effort, Reflux turns crystalline, and shatters, exposing [[André ]] who was hiding within. Rayman is able to use the [[grimace|ability]] given to him by the Leptys to revert André into a [[Red Lum]], ending the [[Hoodlum]]'s invasion of the [[Glade of Dreams]].
With the reversion of [[André ]] to a [[Red Lum]], [[Rayman ]] and [[Globox ]] find themselves propelled back to the location they were sleeping at prior to the beginning of the adventure. Globox laments the loss of André, with Rayman attempting to cheer him up by remarking on the happiness the [[Red Lums Lum]]s appeared to be exhibiting, but to no avail. Globox remarks on how he wishes to have André back, and reveals to Rayman that the means of doing so involved the scaring of a Red Lum. Rayman believes this to be a bad idea, and the two eventually return to sleeping.
A flashback is then shown, revealing how [[Rayman]]'s hands had wondered off, and scared the [[Red Lum ]] that became Andre[[André]].
''Main article: [[Rayman 3 (early production)]]''
''Rayman 3'' underwent numerous changes during its development. Changes include scrapped levels, scrapped [[Hoodlum]]s, and some differences in aesthetic and lighting.
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