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Types of Rabbids

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* '''Chef Bunny''' (''Lapinus Kitchenus''): A Rabbid wearing a chef's hat, which reads "Le Chef" (The Chef). Appears in the two "Bunnies Like to Stuff Themselves" mini games. Despite being a chef, he doesn't actually seem to prepare food - all he does is eat it.
[[File:Rrr lapinus krytionus.jpg|thumb]]
* '''Clark Superbunny''': A Rabbid wearing a superman costume. Does not seem to be an antagonist in the game, but appears in "Bunnies Can't Fly", "Bunnies Are Not Ostriches", and most Bunny Hunts.
* '''Professor Barranco Clone 3''': A Heterochromia|Odd-Eyed Rabbid with one red eye and one blue eye who is really the third clone of Professor Barranco who is appeared to be nonharmed. The other Rabbids seem to respect him with authority. He appears in the opening movie of [[Rayman Raving Rabbids 2]], attempting to identify Rayman with the European Wii gamebox of the [[Rayman Raving Rabbids|first game]] (until [[Rayman]] screams "DAAAH!").
[[File:Rrr robotus pinkus.jpg|thumb]]
* '''Pink''' (''Robotus Pinkus''), AKA T4III7773344303XXX: A robotic rabbit with large ears. It is protected by a forcefield at all times, so explosives must be used to defeat it. It is found only in a few Bunny Hunt mini games. It also dances with the other Rabbids during the credits sequence. This Rabbid appears exclusively in the first [[Rayman Raving Rabbids]].
* ''' ''SPARTAN'' Bunny''': A Rabbid shown in promotion art for [[Rayman Raving Rabbids 2]]. It is dressed as Master Chief (Halo)|Master Chief from the ''Halo (series)|Halo'' series.
[[File:Rrr grandus lapinus.jpg|thumb]]
* '''[[Sergueï]]''' (''Grandus Lapinus''): A much bigger Rabbid than usual, this rabbit is menacing, especially when you take into the account that it has glowing red eyes, a metallic muzzle, and much darker hairs. It is the one responsible for throwing [[Rayman]] in prison. Although it is the main recurring Rabbid in [[Rayman Raving Rabbids]], it only makes a minor cameo in [[Rayman Raving Rabbids 2]], where it is seen climbing the Eiffel Tower on the game's cover. It is also in the role of Beast (comics)|Beast of the X-Rabbids on


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