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Sea of Serendipity

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:*''This article is about the world in ''[[Rayman Origins]]''. For the world in ''[[Rayman Adventures]]'', see [[20,000 Lums Under the Sea#In Rayman Adventures|20,000 Lums Under the Sea]].''[[File:RaymanOrigins PreE3 HD Underwater.jpg|320px|thumb|right|Promotional screenshot of Sea of Serendipity, showing [[Rayman]], [[Globox]] and two [[Teensie]]s swimming away from a [[Murray|Giant Eel]].]]
The '''Sea of Serendipity''', later revisited as the '''Angsty Abyss''', is the fourth world in ''[[Rayman Origins]]''. This world composes of dock environments above and friendly and dangerous underwater elements below. This world is the first to not have any relation to a world from [[Rayman 1|the original ''Rayman'' game]].
== Description ==
Sea of Serendipity takes place most often in the underwater world, filled with a variety of [[fish]] like ones that sing a tune in a group and the [[Blowfish]]. There are also [[jellyfish]], [[Sea anemone]] and [[Giant jellyfish]]. Another part of the world can be seen; a dock like area where members of [[Globox's species]] reside at, the [[Red Wizard]]s. The [[Antitoon|Darktoons]] have taken over the docks, and consequently the [[Red Wizard]]s have them stuck on their heads. Some parts of the underwater world are dark and infested with other underwater creatures.
<gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">
Port 'O Panic 3.jpg|The first level has members of [[Globox's species]] named the [[Red Wizard]]s with [[Antitoon|Darktoons]] stuck on their heads.
Port 'O Panic 14.jpg|The group of singing [[fish]] that appear throughout the world.
Swimming with Stars 12.jpg|Some areas of the sea are dark.
== In ''[[Rayman Origins]]'' ==
| name = Sea of Serendipity
The '''=== Sea of Serendipity'''===At start of the world, later revisited as above the surface of the ocean, a tribe of [[Globox'''Angsty Abyss''', is s species]] named the fourth world in ''[[Rayman OriginsRed Wizard]]''s live in a village supported on stilts. This world composes Once the team of dock environments and friendly and dangerous underwater elements. Naturally, the heroes acquire the power to swim, by saving save the fourth ocean [[Nymphnymph]] [[Annetta Fish]] from a [[Antitoon|Darktoon]]. This world is , she will give them the first one power to not have any relation to one of worlds from ''[[Rayman 1Swimming|dive]]. With this power, the original Rayman gameteam can go deeper into the sea filled with lighted and dark caverns, and enemies like [[jellyfish]], [[Tentacle claw]]s, [[Sea anemone]]s and [[redfish]]''.
==Sea of Serendipity== Levels ====At start of the world, above the surface of the ocean, a tribe of *[[Globox]]Port 's species called the [[Red WizardO Panic]]s live in a village supported on stilts. Once the team of heroes save the Ocean *[[Nymph]] [[Annetta Fish]], she will give them the power to dive. With this power, the team can go deeper into the sea filled Swimming with lighted and dark caverns, and enemies like [[jellyfishStars]], *[[Tentacle Claw|tentacle clawsPirate's Treasure!]], (Optional; [[Sea anemoneTricky Treasure]], and level)*[[RedfishFreaking Flipper]]. {||-| *[[File:Port 'O Panic 3.jpg|left|thumb|[[Port 'O Panic]].Bad Bubbles and Beyond]]|| *[[File:Port 'O Panic 14.jpg|center|thumb|The group of singing [[fish]Fire When Wetty]es that appear throughout the world.]]|}
<gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">{{Clear}}Port 'O Panic 6.jpg|The heroes must save [[Annetta Fish]] from a [[Antitoon|Darktoon]].Swimming with Stars 2.jpg|The player using the newly acquired [[swimming]] power.Fire When Wetty 7.jpg|Two [[Ocean Spider]]s.</gallery>
| name = Angsty Abyss
| image = [[File:Ocean2Murray of the Deep 10.pngjpg|320px|''Angsty Abyss'']]
| preceded by = [[Luscious Lakes]]
| followed by = [[Moody Clouds]]
| connected to = [[Sea of Serendipity]]
| levels = [[Why So Crabby?]], [[Scuba Shootout]], [[Risky Ruin]], [[Beware of Mini-Murray]], [[Murray of the Deep]]
===Angsty Abyss===After In order to save one of the team completes [[Luscious LakesFour Kings]], they come across the team must enter Angsty Abyss. Similar to its counterpart, the team will have to [[Swimming|swim ]] through the caverns deep in the sea, although the caves are more dangerous than they were in Sea of Serendipity. The heroes will then have to fight the [[Creveton]], the final of the [[Four Kings]]. If the kings [[Four Kings|Kings]] were saved in order, the players can return to the [[Nymphnymph]]s at the [[Dreamer's Door]]. ==== Levels ====*[[Why So Crabby?]]*[[Scuba Shootout]]*[[Beware of Mini-Murray]]*[[Risky Ruin]] (Optional; [[Tricky Treasure]] level)*[[Murray of the Deep]] <gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">Why So Crabby 13.jpg|More enemies appear in Angsty Abyss.Beware of Mini-Murray 3.jpg|[[Dragonfly|Dragonflies]] appear at one point in the world.Murray of the Deep 12.jpg|The team eventually have to battle [[Moody CloudsCreveton]].</gallery>
| image = [[Image:Sea of Serendipity.png|200px|''Sea of Serendipity'']]
 ==Back to OriginsIn ''[[Rayman Legends]]'' ==Sea of Serendipity, along with returns as a world in the other ''[[Rayman Origins|Back to Origins]]'' worlds, make a return mode in ''[[Rayman Legends]]''. In order to unlock itThe levels from Sea of Serendipity and Angsty Abyss fuse together into one world with some levels, such as the player will have to collect [[Lucky ticket|lucky ticketsElectoon]] throughout ''stages, not being present. The levels themselves are mostly the same, with some graphical updates. [[Rayman Legends|LegendsThe Magician]]''. After s hat has however been removed from the levels and some of the levels from the have been made easier. [[Jibberish JungleSwimming with Stars]], is known in the game as '''[[Desert of DijiridoosSwimming with Stars#Back to Origins|Swimming with the Stars]] ''', and [[Gourmand LandBeware of Mini-Murray]] are unlocked, the first level is known as '''[[Freaking FlipperBeware of Mini-Murray#Back to Origins|Beware of the Mini Murray]], will be unlocked, and the world's lock will break, therefore allowing the player to play the level. The levels from the Sea of Serendipity and the Angsty Abyss fuse together into one world. Not every level from those two worlds appear here''.{||-=== Levels ===| *[[File:Freaking Flipper - #Back to Origins 2.jpg|leftFreaking Flipper]]*[[Swimming with Stars#Back to Origins|thumbSwimming with the Stars]]*[[Why So Crabby?#Back to Origins|Several purple Why So Crabby?]]*[[Lum (UbiArt games)Fire When Wetty#Back to Origins|LumFire When Wetty]] chains have been added *[[Beware of Mini-Murray#Back to increase Origins|Beware of the amount of Mini Murray]]*[[Lum (UbiArt games)Scuba Shootout#Back to Origins|LumScuba Shootout]]s in the level.*[[Risky Ruin#Back to Origins|Risky Ruin]]|| *[[File:Murray of the Deep#Back to Origins|Murray of the Deep]] <gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">Freaking Flipper - Back to Origins 8.jpg|center|thumb|[[Freaking Flipper]], as it appears in ''[[Rayman Legends]]''.Why So Crabby - Back to Origins 3.jpg|[[Why So Crabby?]], as it appears in ''[[Rayman Legends]]''.Beware of the Mini-Murray - Back to Origins 10.jpg|}[[Beware of Mini-Murray]], as it appears in ''[[Rayman Legends]]''.</gallery>
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