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Rayman 2 (cancelled prototype)

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| platforms = Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn
[[File:R2_Proto_Screenshot4.PNG|thumb|320px|class=sprite|An early screenshot showing [[Rayman]] on an unnamed robotic dinosaur.]]
[[File:Rayman_2_prototype_article_3.jpg|right|thumb|300px|The chief and an unnamed robotic dinosaur appear prominently in this preview image of the game]]
:''This article is about the cancelled 2D prototype. For the 3D prototype, see [[Rayman 2 (early production)]].''
The plot of the cancelled game was similar to that of [[Rayman 2: The Great Escape|the final ''Rayman 2'']]. In the prototype game, [[Mr Dark]] has been defeated and has vanished from [[the valley|Rayman's island]]. Then, evil robotic invaders from space arrive, and Rayman has to defeat these invaders while rescuing his friends from their imprisonment – one character who was imprisoned by these robots was [[Betilla the Fairy]]. The robots planned to convert [[the Glade of Dreams|the entire planet]] into a cold ball of metal. A character named The Chief, similar in design to [[The the General]], would have been involved in the game's story, and probably would have played a much larger role than that of [[The the General]] in [[Rayman 2: The Great Escape|the final version]]. It has been speculated that he was the game's villain, and was replaced by [[Razorbeard]] in the final game.
[[File:R2_Proto_Fairy.PNG|thumb|200px|right|[[Betilla the Fairy]], as she appeared in the cancelled game]]
[[File:R2_Proto_Chainsaw.PNG|thumb|200px|right|The green, chainsaw-wielding robot]]
*CHAINSAW XR28 – A green, chainsaw-wielding, limbless robot, with a resemblance to the Guards mentioned above. This appears to have been a powerful enemy, and may have even been a boss.
*The Chief – This character bares much resemblance to that of [[The the General]] from [[Rayman 2: The Great Escape|the final game]]'. His appearance in a promotional video for the 2D ''Rayman 2'', implies that he may have originally been intended as an evil character for the game, possibly even the main villain. One piece of artwork shows him standing on a wrecking ball, apparently shouting orders to other enemies while Rayman stealthily approaches.
*The Hunter – This pale, grinning, evil-looking robot is shown in one image wearing a monocle on one eye and clutching a [[cage]] between two fingers. His role in the game is unknown.
In the October 1999 issue of MausKlick magazine, there is a poster of "[[Rayman ]] sneaking up on [[the General ]] and his Robo-Pirate servants." It is unknown why a poster promoting the original ''[[Rayman 2 ]]'' is present. However this could mean the prototype was in further development then previously thought.[[Image:Rayman 2 Prototype Poster.jpg|320px|thumb|none|[[Rayman]] sneaking]]  

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