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{{Enemy| Name = Caterpillar| image = [[File:ExampleShadowCreature.jpg|thumb320px|''Caterpillar'']]|alignment = Bad| appears in = ''[[Rayman encounters a Shadow Creature.2]]'', [[File:BigShadowCreatures2.jpgRayman 3 (Game Boy Advance)|thumb''Rayman 3'' (Game Boy Advance)]]|Another screenshot.location = [[The Fairy Glade]], [[the Cave of Bad Dreams]], [[the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire]], [[the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava]], [[beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava]]| resistance = [[FileImage:SmallShadowCreatureLifebar1.png|thumb''1 HP'']]| attacks = Contact|A couple species = Nightmare of small Shadow Creatures attacks Rayman.[[Polokus]]The '''Shadow Creatures''' is a name for two enemies that spawn throughout the game. }}
{{quote|text== Variation We can no longer even keep track of all the sinister results provoked by the Species ==The first type arrival of '''Shadow Creature''' that [[RaymanRobo-Pirate Army|the pirates]] will encounter: disturbances in overall harmony, is the smaller ones, resembling a black, furry head with small white eyes. They have one form proliferation of attack[[piranha]]s, where they fly towards [[Spider (Rayman2)‎|giant spiders]], in a certain amount of time, before colapsing and disappearing. If they succeed to hit [[RaymanCaterpillar (disambiguation)|caterpillars]], he will lose a small amount of health and the '''Shadow Creatureetc...|sign=Manual|source=''' will die at the impact. They can be heard before being seen, as they produce a a sound, similar to the a fly. However, they can be trouble, since they mostly appear at places where Rayman is either dangling or flying, making a single hit a possible death, considering there will be deadly water, lava or far heights if [[Rayman2]] loses his grip.''}}
The other type of '''Shadow Creatures''', has a very different act, but looks rather similar to the smaller '''Shadow CreaturesCaterpillars'''. The Big creatures are long, wormlike creatures, made from a line of the smaller '''Shadow Creatures'enemies encountered in '', yet only the front ball has eyes. They often move in packs, having a sertain route where they snake themsalves around. they either jump from obsticle to obsticle or move at the at the ground. They attack [[Rayman2]] by jumping on him, and does not die at the impact. They can also be hard to kill, as they move alot '' and can be hard to hit. Similar to the [[Walking ShellRayman 3 (Game Boy Advance)|the Game Boy Advance version of ''Rayman 3'']]s, some have respawn areas, which makes them an enemy that takes its time to defeat.
== Where to Find Them Description==The first Shadow Creatures to be encountered, is found in [[The Fairy Glade]], at the small crater where [[Rayman]] has to climb a large tree and slide down a waterfall. However, many people never really see them, as it is possible to skip the combat. They can also be found later on in [[the Fairy Glade]], at the second visit through [[the Echoing Caves]] and in the [[Cave of Bad Dreams]]/the [[Kingdom of the Dead]] Caterpillar (PS1 versiondisambiguation), the [[Sanctuary of Stone and Fire|Caterpillars]], the are Nightmares of [[Sanctuary of Rock and LavaPolokus]], [[Beneath the Sanctuary . Two distinct types of Rock and Lava]] caterpillar are known to exist: The big ones and [[Tomb of Baby caterpillar|the Ancientssmall ones]].
== Origin and Leader ==In [[Rayman 2: Revolution]], there is The body of the caterpillars are composed of multiple segments joined together in a miniboss called [[Chenille]]line, which appears in the like [[Sanctuary of Rock and Lava]]http://[[Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava]] (PS2 version)en. It resembles '''Shadow Creature''', only red and splits into smaller '''Shadow Creatures''' when shot atwikipedia. It is suggested that [[Chenille]] may be the '''Shadow Creatures''' leader, but such has never been confirmed.Their origin is unknown, however many believe that they are one of the outcomes of [[Polukusorg/wiki/Caterpillar their real-world counterparts]]' nighmares. Others believe that they are leftover spawns Those segments appear as round puffs of [[Mr Dark]]'s evildarkness. It is not easy to tellOn their head, since no information is given throughout the game or game manualthey have malevolent-looking yellow eyes.
==In ''[[Rayman 2]]''==In the time leading up to the events of this game, caterpillars were among the Nightmares of [[Polokus]] who managed to escape [[the Cave of Bad Dreams]] after the destruction of [[the Heart of the World]] by the [[Robo-Pirate]]s. [[Rayman]] confronts them in [[the Fairy Glade]], in [[the Cave of Bad Dreams]], in [[the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire]], in [[the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava]] and [[beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava]]. Caterpillars often move in swarms; each caterpillar has a unique route which it patrols endlessly, unless it catches sight of an intruder. They move by crawling and leaping. They produce strange sounds, similar to the hissings of a snake. They attack [[Rayman]] by jumping on him, but they cannot survive a single [[shot]] from his [[magic fist]].  Caterpillars are sometimes found emerging from cracks in stone walls or floors; in these cases, any caterpillar killed by [[Rayman]] is quickly replaced by another. <gallery widths="320px" heights="240px">Caterpillar (Dreamcast).png|In the Dreamcast version, the eyes of the caterpillars are less malevolent-looking.R2TGE-PC-TheSanctuaryOfRockAndLava-HallOfDoors.jpg|A caterpillar is used to symbolise [[the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava]] in [[the Hall of Doors]].BigShadowCreatures2.jpg|A swarm of caterpillars in [[the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava]].</gallery> ==In ''[[Rayman Revolution]]''==[[File:BossChenille.JPG|thumb|320px|[[Boss Chenille]].]]In ''[[Rayman Revolution]]'', the PlayStation 2 version of ''[[Rayman 2]]'', a new boss named [[Boss Chenille]] is introduced. It looks just like a normal caterpillar, but with some significant differences: whereas they are a purplish-black in colour, [[Boss Chenille]] is blood-red; [[Boss Chenille]] is also somewhat larger, and it eyes are identical to the [[baby caterpillar]]s' ones.  [[Boss Chenille]] is found in a room in [[the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava]]. It is summoned by [[Rayman]] performing a [[Rain Dance]] on what looks like a greyish version of one of the [[Magic Sphere]]s' bases. When this is done, it emits a beam of light towards another such base. When [[Rayman]] [[Magic fist|shoots]] it, it too emits a beam of light towards another base. After [[Magic fist|shooting]] several more bases, the beam of light has finished its circumnavigation of the chamber; a door opens, and [[Boss Chenille]] enters.  When [[Rayman]] strikes [[Boss Chenille]] with his [[magic fist]], a red [[baby caterpillar]] splits away from its body. When the hero shoots it, it splits into five black [[baby caterpillar]]s. When they are killed, [[Boss Chenille]]'s health meter decreases. As the battle wears on, the segments of [[Boss Chenille]]'s body slowly disappear; by the end, it resembles an enormous red version of one of the [[baby caterpillar]]s. When this final form is defeated, [[Boss Chenille]] vanishes for good. The first clue as to Boss Chenille's identity is its name; ''Chenille'' is the French word for ''Caterpillar'', while the name ''Boss'' implies that it may possibly be a leader. And during the battle, [[Boss Chenille]] spawns [[baby caterpillar]]s from its body. All of this led to speculation that [[Boss Chenille]] may be the progenitor or ‘mother’ of the [[Caterpillar (disambiguation)|caterpillar]] species, in addition to the speculation that it is their leader. ==In [[Rayman 3 (Game Boy Advance)|the Game Boy Advance version of ''Rayman 3'']]==Caterpillars are also seen in various levels in [[Rayman 3 (Game Boy Advance)|the Game Boy Advance version of ''Rayman 3'']]; unlike those in ''[[Rayman 2]]'', these caterpillars do not die when hit, but rather, their eyes turn red, and they shrink to the size of a [[baby caterpillar]] and fall to the ground, where they remain, trembling. They can then be picked up by [[Rayman]] as if they were [[keg]]s, [[Magic Sphere]]s or [[plum]]s; however, this action serves no practical purpose within the game. These caterpillars splatter if they fall into lava or spikes, or if [[Rayman]] picks them up and throws them into a hard surface or other creature. If left lying on the ground for a while, they can recover themselves. <gallery widths="240" heights="160px" class="sprite">Caterpillar_R3_GBA_1.PNG|A caterpillar in [[Rayman 3 (Game Boy Advance)|the Game Boy Advance version of ''Rayman 3'']].Caterpillar_R3_GBA_2.PNG|An injured caterpillar, lying on the ground.Caterpillar_R3_GBA_3.PNG|[[Rayman]] picking up an injured caterpillar.Caterpillar_R3_GBA_4.PNG|Caterpillars splatter when thrown.</gallery> ==Trivia==*Caterpillars bear resemblance to the [[Rayman M#The weapons|Buzz Rockets]] of ''[[Rayman M]]'', and may have inspired their design. {{R2enemies}} [[fr:Chenille géante]][[pl:Zmutowane gąsienice]] [[Category:Arthropods]][[Category:Creaturesfrom Rayman 2]][[Category:EnemiesCreatures from the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3]]
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