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The Walk of Power

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'''The Walk of Power''' is the second of two optional levels from ''[[Rayman 2: The Great Escape]]'' where Rayman races with [[Ly the Fairy]] through a clearing and across a river, picking up [[Yellow Lums]] along the way. The aim is to not beat Ly, who serves only as a guide, but to get to the end before the time runs out. The available time can be extended by walking over glowing lily pads that are scattered all over the place. When Rayman gets to the end, he is rewarded with three [[Power FistsFist]]s. It is accessed via [[The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava]] and requires a certain amount of Yellow Lums to enter. It can be seen as a sequel to [[the Walk of Life]], due to its name and nature being similar.
[[File:R2TGE-PC-TheWalkOfPower-HallOfDoors.jpg|thumb|left|320px|A holographic [[Ly the Fairy|Ly]] greets [[Rayman]] at the entrance to the Walk of Power in [[the Hall of Doors]].]]
In the original version of the game, the Walk of Power is accessed via [[The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava]]. After Rayman collects a certain amount of Lums, he will be able to enter. At the beginning of the walk, Rayman will have to jump over to several platforms through bodies of water, accompanied by a waterfall. After passing through, Rayman then has to cross over another body of water by jumping on a horizontal moving lily pad (Ly is able pass the water by making a long jump over to the next platform without the assistance of the lily pad). As Rayman crosses the water, he now helicopters over some pits to a very large amount of water. Now he needs to take advantage of the lily pads in order to get across to the end, where Ly will meet him to perform a magical ritual. It is the same ritual as done in [[The Walk of Life]], she gives him maximum health three [[Power Fist]]s regardless of whether he has beaten his time record.
There are no cages in this level, as it is a bonus. After visiting it once, it becomes accessible directly from [[The Hall of Doors]], without having to enter the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava first.


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