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Flying shell

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[[File:R2TGE-PC-FlyingShell-ThePrisonShip.jpg|thumb|320px|right|[[Rayman]] riding a flying shell on [[the Prison Ship]].]]
'''Flying shells''' are missiles in ''[[Rayman 2]]'' which allow , unlike normal [[RaymanShell]] to s, can fly in the air. They are only found in do not need to be tamed and seem to show a certain liking towards [[the BuccaneerRayman]], except for as can be seen in ''[[Rayman Revolution]]'' the final battle where one appears in comes up and helps him fight the [[Rainbow CreekGrolgoth]] after . When on a flying shell, Rayman can turn freely in any direction, and can stabilize the shell by holding the strafing button. This does however not work on the [[Rayman3D|Nintendo 3DS version]] frees the prisoners from . Flying shells are usually grey in color, but some of them appear to be yellow, just like [[the Prison ShipWalking shell]]s.
== Description Appearances==A flying shell is a missile which, unlike normal *In [[Shellthe Prison Ship]]s, can fly. They also don't need once Rayman flips the switch to be tamed and seem to show activate the generator in the control room, a certain liking towards [[flying shell appears. Rayman]] as can be seen in uses the shell to cross the final battle where one comes up lava chamber and helps him fight fly into the depths of the [[Grolgoth]]. When controlling a flying shell''Buccaneer'', in order to free the player can stabilize it by holding the strafing button. This does however not work on prisoners and approach the final battle with [[Rayman 3D|Nintendo 3DS versionAdmiral Razorbeard]]. *In ''[[Rayman Revolution]]'' there is an error in , after freeing the cutscenes which shows prisoners, Rayman returns to the flying shell with [[Rainbow Creek]], where a grey color and looks like the flying shell from appeared. The [[the Prison ShipGrand Minimus]] levelinstructs Rayman to jump on it to get to Razorbeard. During *In [[the battleCrow's Nest]], it is yellowafter the fall caves in, like and the Grolgoth and Rayman both fall into the common [[walking lava-filled interior, Rayman encounters a flying shell]]s, which he rides during the second part of the battle with Razorbeard.
==Trivia==*During the development of ''[[Rayman 2]]'', the flying shell didn't exist at first, being originally a [[walking shell]] running on the ceiling.<ref>''[[L'Histoire de Rayman]]'', Chapter 3 - Rayman 2 : The Great Escape, or the challenge of the 3D</ref> == Appearances ==Flying shells appear *There is some inconsistency in all versions the coloring of ''[[Rayman 2]]''. Their primary appearance is on [[the Prison Ship]] and the final battle on [[flying shell in the Crow's Nest]]. In ''[[Rayman Revolution]]'' the original PC / Nintendo 64 versions, this shell is yellow, like walking shells, and not grey like the one also appears in [[Rainbow Creek]]the Prison Ship. This may have been unintentional, as the Playstation and Playstation 2 versions change the color in the cutscenes to grey. In However, the Playstation 2 version still shows the flying shell has in yellow color during the battle itself, creating a different functionality during inconsistency. Only the Playstation version has the final battleflying shell consistently colored grey everywhere.
| [[File:Grolgoth PS1 helicopter bombs.jpg|thumb|left|320px|A flying shell during the final battle in the Playstation version.]]
==See also==
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[[fr:Obus à pattes gris]]
[[pl:Latająca Muszla]]
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