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Whale Bay

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The first half of Whale Bay takes place in the Whale Bay Fortress, with [[Rayman]] attempting to locate the prison where [[Carmen]] the Whale is being held. In some versions of the game, one area in particular has respawning [[Robo-Pirate]]s, making for some interesting challenges.
===Phase 1===[[Rayman]] must first go through an aquarium right next to the [[spiral door]] and come out at the other side to activate a switch opening the door at the side, coming out . The Barrel Pirate in the room next to the aquarium exit can be fought or avoided. The door leads Rayman to a room with a net for a floor, which he passes to get outside. OutsideThere, Rayman will encounter a [[purple Henchman 800]]. After defeating him, Rayman must climb a barrel and a net to reach another barrel and shoot a switch on the opposite wall to open the nearby door, barred which leads to a passage with electricity. Inside the door, rolling [[keg]]s will try to harm him. Rayman must avoid them, while collecting the [[lums]] overhead. Outside the roomFollowing this passage, Rayman will encounter once again finds himself in a small outdoor area, with a [[purple Henchman 800]] sleeping underneath a palm tree. Once the pirate has been defeated, the player Rayman can take a [[keg]] from a room to the right and use it to break a sparadrap holding a [[cage]] containing a [[purple lum]]. After that, The purple lum allows Rayman enters a passage to end reach the top entrance to the building and finish the first halfpart.
[[File:R2TGE-PC-WhaleBay-HallOfDoors.jpg|thumb|left|320px|The entrance to Whale Bay in [[the Hall of Doors]]]]
The second half of Whale Bay revolves around the lake itself, and ===Phase 2===[[Rayman]]'s attempts to starts at a large lake. He must free [[Carmen]] the Whalewhale by following an underwater tunnel into the fortress, where he will find a switch shutting off the electric force field keeping her trapped. Flipping the switch also activates a generator spawning a [[walking shell]] that Rayman can use to break a door blocked by a sparadrap, where he will find some [[red lum]]s and a cage. After [[Carmen]] is freed, [[Rayman]] must follow [[Carmen]] follows her into the extensive underwater cave network of Whale Bay, using [[Carmen]]'s bubbles for air (considering the . ===Phase 3===This phase starts underwater with [[piranhaRayman]]s don't reach them first). still following [[Carmen]] leads and using her air bubbles for air. In this section there are [[Raymanpiranha]] s trying to destroy the bubbles, so Rayman must be quick. Carmen leads Rayman to a secret grotto, where the remains of a submarine sunken ship mark the way for escape. In most versions of ''[[Carmen stays underwater, while Rayman enters the ship and swims through the hull up to the surface. Rayman 2]]'', exits the level closes grounded ship and finds himself in a sunny lagoon with [[Rayman]] exiting water sliding over a beached gentle slope at the edges. He can climb the netting to reach the top of the ship's mast, sliding down where a watery slopecage is hidden, and evading then use another net on one of the lagoon's walls to reach a cave guarded by an [[Gorilla Pirate]]. Disposing of him allows Rayman to break the last cage and free the [[Teensie]]. Finally, Rayman must slide down the water slope to reach the ledge where the Teensie opens the spiral door to end the level.


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