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The Canopy

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[[File:R2TGE-PC-TheCanopy-HallOfDoors.jpg|left|thumb|320px|The [[Spiral Door]] in [[the Hall of Doors]] which takes [[Rayman]] to the Canopy]]
===Phase 1===
This area is a chasm full of giant cobwebs, and before that appears to be the inside of a giant tree. Before long, [[Rayman]] is being stalked by a giant [[Spider (Rayman 2)|spider]]. This creature can be defeated, but it is not compulsory. Rayman must climb up the cobwebs to evade the spider, find the two [[cage]]s and collect the [[Yellow Lum]]s there, before dropping down a pit and into the next area.
===Phase 2===
[[File:BuissonAGrosNez.jpg|thumb|left|320px|[[Rayman]] hiding in a bush to fool the [[Robo-Pirate]]s]]
The Canopy in this version of the game stays fairly the same as that in previous versions, with . Some graphical differences are present in the exception that the Teensie cage does not count towards first area - there are patches of green leaves growing around the total number inside of cages in the gametree, like and in a couple of spots the PlayStation versiontree bark is broken allowing Rayman to see outside (but not go there). In the third phase, Rayman is also required to destroy the pirate ship in the third stage , rather than just fight the pirate that comes from it. The Teensie cage at the end does not count towards the total number of cages in the game, like in the PlayStation version.


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