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Flying shell

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*In [[the Prison Ship]], once Rayman flips the switch to activate the generator in the control room, a flying shell appears. Rayman uses the shell to cross the lava chamber and fly into the depths of the ''Buccaneer'', in order to free the prisoners and approach the final battle with [[Admiral Razorbeard]].
*In ''[[Rayman Revolution]]'', after freeing the prisoners, Rayman returns to the [[Rainbow Creek]], where a flying shell has appeared. The [[Grand Minimus]] instructs Rayman to jump on it to get to Razorbeard.*In [[the Crow's Nest]], after the fall floor caves in, and the Grolgoth and Rayman both fall into the lava-filled interior, Rayman encounters a flying shell, which he rides during the second part of the battle with Razorbeard.
*During the development of ''[[Rayman 2]]'', the flying shell didn't exist at first, being originally a [[walking shell]] running on the ceiling.<ref>''[[L'Histoire de Rayman]]'', Chapter 3 - Rayman 2 : The Great Escape, or the challenge of the 3D</ref>
*There is some inconsistency in the coloring of the flying shell in the Crow's Nest. In the original PC / , Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast versions, this shell is yellow, like walking shells, and not grey like the one in the Prison Ship. This may have been unintentional, as the Playstation and Playstation 2 versions change the color in the cutscenes to grey. However, the Playstation 2 version still shows the flying shell in yellow color during the battle itself, creating a different inconsistency. Only the Playstation version has the flying shell consistently colored grey everywhere.


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