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| Name = André
| image = [[FileImage:Andre2Rayman 3 Andre 2.jpgpng|320px|''André'']]
| alignment = Bad
| species = [[Black Lum]]
| appears in = ''[[Rayman 3]]'', [[Rayman 3 (Game Boy Advance)|''Rayman 3'' (Game Boy Advance)]], ''[[Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge]]''
| portrayed by = Ken Starcevic
| location = [[The Fairy Council]], [[Globox]]'s stomach, [[Globox]]'s brain, the [[the Leptys]]
{{quote|text=A depraved and hysterical baddie, André spends most of [[Rayman 3|the game]] enclosed in [[Globox]]’s belly because the latter swallowed him. André has such a horribly warped mind that he obliges [[Globox]] to drink [[plum juice]], making our poor friend lose all semblance of self-control …|sign=Manual|source=''[[Rayman 3]]''}}
'''André''', also known as '''the Dark Lum Lord''', is the main antagonist of ''[[Rayman 3]]''. He is the original [[Black Lum]], the result of a [[Red Lum]] being frightened. He has the ability to corrupt other [[Red Lum]]s into [[Black Lum]]s by touching them; this is how he raised an army of [[Black Lum]]s, which then became the game's titular [[Hoodlum]]s. He spends the first half of the game inside [[Globox]]'s stomach after the latter accidentally swallowed him in [[the Fairy Council]]. Later, he joins forces with [[Reflux]], fallen champion of the [[Knaaren]], and together they gain the power of the [[the Leptys]] in the hopes of destroying [[Rayman]] and wreaking havoc throughout [[the Glade of Dreams]].
==In ''[[Rayman 3]]''==
{{quote|text=In the beginning, there was one. No creature knows the true origin of the [[Dark Lum]] Lord, who began the reign of havoc on [[The Glade of Dreams|Rayman's world]]. It has been whispered that one day, a single [[red lum]] beheld something so terrible it grew black with fear and evil. This transformed Dark Lum spread the evil to other red lums, eventually forming an army of cloaked soldiers called [[Hoodlum]]s. Soon [[Rayman]] and [[Globox]] discovered the [[Hoodlum]]s' plan: to taint [[the Heart of the World]].|sign=Official description|source=''[[Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc]]''}}
[[File:Andre in game appearance R3.JPG|thumb|320px|left|André at the end of the game.]]
After becoming a [[Hoodlum]], André pursued a frightened [[Murfy]] throughout [[The Fairy Council|the Council]]. [[Murfy]] found [[Rayman]] and [[Globox]] sleeping at a tree, and tried to wake them up as André came closer and closer. [[Globox]]'s attempts to snatch up the sleeping [[Rayman]] and bring him to safety resulted in him running away in fear with [[Rayman]]'s hands. [[Murfy]] grabbed [[Rayman]] by the hair and flew away with him.
 [[File:André2.png|thumb|Artwork of André.]][[File:André.jpg|thumb|Artwork of André.]]
While travelling through [[the Fairy Council]], [[Rayman]] and [[Murfy]] soon found André again, and [[Murfy]] distracted him while [[Rayman]] beat him up. With his [[Hoodmonger]] costume destroyed, André reverted to being a [[Black Lum]], and revealed his plans to corrupt [[the Heart of the World]] itself, converting its energy into an army of [[Hoodlum]]s. He then flew off in the direction of [[The Heart of the World|the Heart]]'s chamber. [[Rayman]] and [[Murfy]] pursued him so that they might prevent this calamity from occurring. Once André was in sight of the door leading to [[the Heart of the World]], he rushed for it, and accidentally flew straight into [[Globox]]'s mouth and was swallowed.
At [[the Heart of the World]], the [[Grand Minimus]], King of the [[Teensie]]s, told [[Rayman]] to take [[Globox]] to [[Clearleaf Forest]], where they would find the [[Teensie Doctor]] [[Otto Psi]]. [[Otto Psi|Otto]] was an old friend of the [[Grand Minimus]], and hopefully he would be able to remove the swallowed André from [[Globox]]'s stomach. As they travelled there, André become addicted to [[plum juice]], forcing [[Globox]] (who was allergic to it) to get drunk on it. Eventually they arrived at the doctor's office. Despite [[Otto Psi|Otto]]'s bizarre musical attempt to remove the [[Black Lum]], André simply moved to [[Globox]]'s lungs. [[Otto Psi|Otto]] then sent them to Doctor [[Roméo Patti]], whose office was in [[The Land of the Livid Dead (Rayman 3)|the Land of the Livid Dead]].
[[Roméo Patti|Roméo]] also tried a musical method, but André only moved to [[Globox]]'s (particularly small) brain. [[Roméo Patti|Roméo]] then sent [[Rayman]], [[Globox]] and André to the office of the third and final doctor, [[Gonzo]], where the three [[Teensie Doctor]]s combined forces and successfully removed André from [[Globox]]'s stomach (it is revealed in ''[[Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge]]'' that some of André's spirit still remained within [[Globox]]). However, André flew away and gathered up a small army of [[Black Lum]]s. He then made an allegiance with the former [[Knaaren]] champion [[Reflux]], who [[Rayman]] had defeated and humiliated on the way to [[Gonzo]]'s office. [[Reflux]] wanted revenge on [[Rayman]], and [[André]] was able to persuade him to steal the [[the Sceptre of the Leptys]] from the [[Knaaren]] king, [[Gumsi]]. Once they had invoked the power of the [[the Leptys]] (the [[Knaaren]] god), [[Reflux]] would be able to kill [[Rayman]], and André would be able to spawn a greater army of [[Hoodlum]]s (as he had attempted to do with [[the Heart of the World]]).
Later on, André and [[Reflux]] make their way to the top of [[the Tower of the Leptys]]. Once there, [[Reflux]] uses the [[The Sceptre of the Leptys|the Sceptre]] to summon the power of the [[the Leptys]], which transforms him into a more powerful monster than he already was. As [[Rayman]] and [[Globox]] climb [[The Tower of the Leptys|the Tower]] to confront the villains, [[Globox]] reveals that he has grown fond of André and wants to be reunited with him. At the top, [[Reflux]] fights [[Rayman]]. As the battle goes on, [[Reflux]] embeds the [[The Sceptre of the Leptys|the Sceptre]] in his back so that he can utilise its power more fully. He grows massive and sprouts wings. André, who is now inside [[Reflux]]'s back, uses the [[the Sceptre of the Leptys]] to reproduce and create more [[Black Lum]]s; these [[Black Lum]]s shoot from the flesh of [[Reflux]]'s back, transform instantly into [[Hoodmonger]]s and then walk back into [[Reflux]], who reabsorbs them. [[Rayman]], with the added help of [[Globox]] and his [[Armaguiddon]] machine, defeat the monstrous [[Reflux]] by shooting at him and killing his [[Hoodmonger]]s. [[Reflux]] turns to ice, shatters and vanishes, though it is unclear if he is dead.
With the [[grimace]] ability he was given by [[Gumsi]] as a reward for defeating [[Reflux]] earlier, [[Rayman]] transforms André back into a [[Red Lum]]. All [[Black Lum]]s subservient to André also revert to their original forms, thereby ending the [[Hoodlum]]s' havoc. The apparent explosion of the [[the Leptys]] sends [[Rayman]] and [[Globox]] flying through the air, and they land in the very spot where they had been sleeping at the beginning of the game (it seems that the events of the entire game took place over the course of a single day). [[Globox]] says that he misses André and asks [[Rayman]] to scare a [[Red Lum]], thus bringing André back. [[Rayman]] declines, wondering aloud what could possibly frighten a [[Lum]] as he falls asleep. A flashback then reveals to the player that it was [[Rayman]]'s mischievous, wayward hands that had frightened a [[Red Lum]] into André the previous night.
===In [[Rayman 3 (Game Boy Advance)|''Rayman 3'' (Game Boy Advance)]]===
* With the intention of finding a weird name for the character, the scenarist David Neiss gave it its final name a year before the official release of the game.<ref>''[[L'Histoire de Rayman]]'', Chapter 4 - Rayman 3 : Hoodlum Havoc, Rayman without Michel Ancel</ref>
* When ''[[Rayman Raving Rabbids]]'' was intended to be the fourth installment in [[Rayman (series)|the series]], [[Michel Ancel]] confirmed during an interview that "[[Rayman]] will have to save the world, [[Rayman's girlfriend|his girlfriend]] and the girlfriend of his old enemy and his old enemy too!" It was confirmed that the 'old enemy' with whom [[Rayman]] would have to join forces was André, presumably meaning that [[Rayman]] must also rescue André's girlfriend. If the game would have not been cancelled, André would have been the first villain in [[Rayman (series)|the series]] to have join forces with [[Rayman]].
* During a cutscene in ''[[Rayman 3]]'', André makes a reference to ''The the Legend Of Zelda'' in witch which he says to a fairy: Bug off [[fairy]]"Buzz off, fairy, Zelda needs you. !"* André is the first villain in the main series who has been a main antagonist in more than one game (''[[Rayman 3]]'' and ''[[Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge]]'').
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