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{{quote|text=We can no longer even keep track of all the sinister results provoked by the arrival of [[Robo-Pirate Army|the pirates]]: disturbances in overall harmony, the proliferation of [[piranha]]s, [[Spider (Rayman 2)‎|giant spiders]] and [[Caterpillar (disambiguation)|caterpillars]], etc...|sign=Manual|source=''[[Rayman 2: The Great Escape]]''}}
'''Caterpillars''' are enemies encountered in ''[[Rayman 2]]'' and [[Rayman 3 (Game Boy Advance)|the Game Boy Advance version of ''Rayman 3'']].
[[Rayman]] confronts them in [[the Fairy Glade]], in [[the Cave of Bad Dreams]], in [[the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire]], in [[the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava]] and [[beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava]].
<table><tr><td valigngallery widths="320px" heights="top180px">[[File:Caterpillar (Dreamcast).png|thumb|320px|In the Dreamcast version, the eyes of the caterpillars are less malevolent-looking.]]</td><td valign="top">[[File:R2TGE-PC-TheSanctuaryOfRockAndLava-HallOfDoors.jpg|thumb|320px|A caterpillar is used to symbolise [[the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava]] in [[the Hall of Doors]].]]</td><td valign="top">[[File:BigShadowCreatures2.jpg|thumb|320px|A swarm of caterpillars in [[the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava]].]]</td></tr></tablegallery>
==In ''[[Rayman Revolution]]''==
Caterpillars are also seen in various levels in [[Rayman 3 (Game Boy Advance)|the Game Boy Advance version of ''Rayman 3'']]; unlike those in ''[[Rayman 2: The Great Escape|Rayman 2]]'', these caterpillars do not die when hit, but rather, their eyes turn red, and they shrink to the size of a [[baby caterpillar]] and fall to the ground, where they remain, trembling. They can then be picked up by [[Rayman]] as if they were [[keg]]s, [[Magic Sphere]]s or [[plum]]s; however, this action serves no practical purpose within the game. These caterpillars splatter if they fall into lava or spikes, or if [[Rayman]] picks them up and throws them into a hard surface or other creature. If left lying on the ground for a while, they can recover themselves.
<table><tr><td valigngallery widths="240" heights="160px" class="topsprite">[[File:Caterpillar_R3_GBA_1.PNG|thumb|class=sprite|A caterpillar in [[Rayman 3 (Game Boy Advance)|the Game Boy Advance version of ''Rayman 3'']].]]</td><td valign="top">[[File:Caterpillar_R3_GBA_2.PNG|thumb|class=sprite|An injured caterpillar, lying on the ground.]]</td><td valign="top">[[File:Caterpillar_R3_GBA_3.PNG|thumb|class=sprite|[[Rayman picks ]] picking up an injured caterpillar.]]</td><td valign="top">[[File:Caterpillar_R3_GBA_4.PNG|thumb|class=sprite|Caterpillars splatter when thrown.]]</td></tr></tablegallery>

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