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Rayman 2 (cancelled prototype)

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:*''This article is about the cancelled 2D prototype. For the 3D prototype, see [[Rayman 2 (early production)]].''
Early in its development, '''''[[Rayman 2]]''''' was intended to be a 2D game, which would have been very similar to [[Rayman 1|the original ''Rayman'']] in terms of graphics and gameplay. This 2D game would have been released for the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation.
The game would have had a much stronger similarity to [[Rayman 1|the original game]] than [[Rayman 2|the final version]] did. The art style would have remained very similar to that of the first game, as would the gameplay, with a few notable additions. The mechanical gameplay was to be more accessible and less difficult than that of [[Rayman 1|the original ''Rayman'' game]], but it was also to be more cerebral; puzzles would have taken on a larger role, as can be seen in the playable level which was included with the [[Rayman 2 (PlayStation)|PlayStation version ]] of [[Rayman 2|the final game]].
According to one magazine article, the game was due for release in the late Autumn of 1996. It is unknown exactly how near the game was to completion, but it seems that its music had not yet been composed when the game was scrapped. However, the magazine's article on the game stated that ‘it's already in a fairly advanced state – expect to see a preview next month’.
When the developers saw Naughty Dog's original ''[ Crash Bandicoot]'' game at the 1996 Electronic Entertainment Expo, they became aware of the new gameplay possibilities offered by the 3D platforming genre. This lead led to their cancellation of the sidescrolling ''Rayman 2'' prototype in favour of [[Rayman 2|the final 3D game]].
*Flips – This was a green, limbless, grasshopper-like enemy; it may have been just another part of the robot invasion, but it also could also have been the [[moth]]s from [[Rayman 1|the original ''Rayman'' game]] returning.
[[File:FLIPS.png|thumb|left|A Flips enemy.]]
| [[File:R2_Proto_Chainsaw.PNG|thumb|200px|left|The CHAINSAW XR28.]]
| [[File:R2 2D 2.png|thumb|left|English information on the CHAINSAW XR28.]]
| [[File:R2 2D 21.png|thumb|left|French information of the CHAINSAW XR28.]]
[[Image:Rayman 2 prototype images.jpg|700px|thumb|none|right|The five images on the top row are screenshots from the same level which is playable in the final [[Rayman 2 (PlayStation)|PlayStation version ]] of the 3D game. The images on the bottom row include, form left to right: [[Rayman]] sneaking up on the Chief and other enemies; the Hunter clutching a [[cage]] and a gun; and CHAINSAW XR28 stopping to look at a flower.]]
==Playable PlayStation level==
In the final [[Rayman 2 (PlayStation)|3D Sony PlayStation version ]] of ''[[Rayman 2]]'', the player can unlock a single level from the canceled 2D version of ''Rayman 2''. This is done by collecting at least 90% of the [[Yellow Lum]]s, then completing [[the Crow's Nest]] level. Since the [[Rayman 2 (PlayStation)|PlayStation version ]] of ''[[Rayman 2]]'' has only 800 [[Yellow Lum]]s to collect, the player only needs to collect 720 of them in order to access the level. The level takes place in a grassy environment with strange rock formations in the background, in addition to a cloudy, purple sky. Music from [[the Walk of Life]] level plays in the background.
An inspection of the files on the disc of the [[Rayman 2 (PlayStation)|PlayStation version ]] of ''[[Rayman 2]]'' reveals a file called RAY.INF, which contains only the following French text:
///RayMan 2 PlayStation/version:01.12d/date:31 mai 1996/gravure:Vincent Greco/demande:equipe RM2 Sony/destinataire:equipe RM2 Sony/usage perso/derniere version/
In the October 1999 issue of MausKlick magazine, there is a poster of "[[Rayman]] sneaking up on [[the General]] and his Robo-Pirate servants." It is unknown why a poster promoting the original ''[[Rayman 2]]'' is present. However, this could mean the prototype was in further development then previously thought.During the summer of 1996, more magazines also promoted the game. 
| [[Image:Rayman 2 Prototype Poster.jpg|320px|thumb|left|October 1999 issue of MausKlick magazine.]]| [[Image:Rayman 2 prototype article.jpg|300px|thumb|left|Sega Saturn Magazine (UK) #10: "August 1996".]]| [[Image:Rayman 2 prototype article 2.jpg|300px|thumb|left|Sega Megaforce n°52 été 1996, Pg. 28.]]| [[Image:A7VfGlP.png|200px|thumb|left|GamePro August 1996 # 95 .]]
| [[Image:ZbE4qU.png|300px|thumb|left|Next Generation June 1996, pg. 102 .]]| [[Image:GO25kFK.jpg|300px|thumb|left|Joystick N°72 June 1996 .]]| [[Image:DxsTst8.png|300px|thumb|left|The Ultimate Gaming Magazine Issue 89 June 1996 .]]
[[fr:Rayman 2 (prototype annulé)]]
[[pl:Rayman 2 (Anulowany Prototyp 2Danulowany prototyp)]]
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