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The Minisaurus Plain

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==In the game==
[[File:RR-PS2-AirBubblesGroup.jpg|320px|thumb|right|[[Rayman]] learning to [[Swimming|swim]].]]
===Free [[Ly]]===
[[Rayman]] first arrives here after taking the first [[Spiral Door]] in the game from [[the Woods of Light]]. Immediately, he is thrown into a swimming tutorial with [[Murfy]] and a [[baby Globox]]. Once this is completed, [[Murfy]] instructs him in throwing [[Magic fist|spheres with his fists]] (in this version he has just gained this power) by throwing attacks at a [[scarecrow]]. [[Murfy]] leaves once this is done, telling [[Rayman]] to find the [[Teensie Circle]].
===Free [[Bzzit]]===
[[File:RR-PS2-ThePier.jpg|320px|thumb|right|[[The Pier]], where [[Bzzit]] will appear once [[Rayman]] frees him in [[the Bayou]].]]
When he next visits the plain, [[Rayman]] is aware of the [[Four Masks of Polokus]] and must attempt to find them. At the [[Teensie Circle]] the [[Teensie]]s tell him that he must reach the "The Lost Island" (where [[the Sanctuary of Water and Ice]] is located) but needs [[Bzzit]]'s help to get there. He is instructed to go to [[the Bayou]] to help him.
===To [[Globox's House]]===
''Main article: [[Globox's House]]''
With [[Four Masks of Polokus|the first mask]] obtained, [[Rayman]] must travel to [[Globox's House]], but the path is blocked by a door set up by the [[Robo-Pirate|pirates]]. Fortunately, the [[Teensie]]s employ [[Clark]] to help [[Rayman]] advance. At the meadow near [[Ly's House]], [[Rayman]] meets [[Clark]] again and the giant smashes down the door. [[Rayman]] can now move closer to [[Four Masks of Polokus|the second mask]].
===To [[The Marshlands|the Marshes]]===
[[File:RR-PS2-TheMarshlands.jpg|320px|thumb|right|[[The Marshlands]], where [[the Bayou]] and [[the Marshes of Awakening]] (with [[the Cave of Bad Dreams]] inside) are located.]]
[[Rayman]] must make one last trip to the Plain however, when [[Clark]] is injured at [[the Menhir Hills]]. [[Rayman]] must go to [[the Marshes of Awakening]] and find [[the Cave of Bad Dreams]] where the elixir [[Clark]] needs is located.
===Nothing left to do here===
After completion of [[the Cave of Bad Dreams]] there is nothing more compulsory at the plain. [[Rayman]] can carry on with his quest in the other parts of the map, or alternatively remain at the Plain to find any [[Yellow Lum]]s and/or [[cage]]s he has missed.
==External links==
[[fr:La Plaine des Oxigrus]]
[[de:Die Minisaurus-Ebene]]
[[pl:Równina MinizaurówThe Minisaurus Plain]]
[[Category:Places from Rayman 2|Minisaurus Plain, The]]

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