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Electoon Legend

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[[File:PSN-EL.PNG|thumb|200px|Electoon Legend]]
{{quote|text=Completed ALL [[Medallion]]s.|sign=Trophy/Gamerscore achievement description|source=''[[Rayman Origins]]''}}
'''Electoon Legend''' is one of the unlockable trophies from ''[[Rayman Origins]]'' for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, and one of the unlockable Gamerscore achievements from the Xbox 360 version. By unlocking it, Unlocking it rewards will reward a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita player with a gold trophy , and an Xbox 360 player with 80G.
==Tips and tricks==
* The player is rewarded by filling all [[medallion]]s of the game.
* The trophy/achievement is accumulative, meaning that every [[medallion]] counts even if the console is turned off, without the need of filling every [[medallion]] in one season session of gameplay.
* Getting [[Lum Medal]]s is not obligatory.
==See also==
* [[List of achievements and trophies in Rayman Origins]]
[[fr:Légende des Electoons]]

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