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Rayman Adventures

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* ''"Rayman Adventures" redirects here. For other uses, see [[Rayman Adventures (disambiguation)]].''
| name = Rayman Adventures
| image= [[File:Rayman Adventures Original Icon.png|250px|center]]
| published by = [[Ubisoft]]
| developed by = [[Ubisoft|Ubisoft Montpellier]], [[Ubisoft|Ubisoft India Studios]]
| release date =
'''iOS :'''<br>
Once all obligatory levels in an adventure are completed the player will get an [[Ancient Egg|egg]] to hatch. There are four type of eggs; bronze, silver, gold and crystal eggs. These [[Ancient Egg|egg]]s are either surprise eggs or normal eggs. The normal bronze egg grows the [[Sacred Tree|tree]] 10 meters, the silver 20, the gold 30 and crystal 40. The surprise eggs on the other hand will hatch a surprise gift, such as [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gem]]s or [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|elixirs]]. Originally surprise eggs, then known as duplicate eggs, would fill up the clone-o-meter by 1 step if it was a bronze, 2 for silver etc. Once the clon-o-meter was filled up the player would get the choice to either get 20 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gem]]s or wait to get a [[lucky ticket]]. Waiting a second time would earn them a [[Lucky ticket|golden ticket]].
There are currently a total of {{NumberOfIncrediballs}} [[Incrediball]]s to earn. Each time the player gets one they grow their tree a bit higher and then they're are added to the [[Sacred Tree]] where they are grouped in families. Finding all in one family grants them a reward. When the tree grows it will sometimes hit presents that are above it. The presents can unlock new worlds or [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gem]]s. New [[Incrediball]]s are frequently added through app updates and some can only be obtained during timed [[Event (Rayman Adventures)|event]]s.
*'''[[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|Elixirs]]''' - [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|Elixir]]s are used on [[Ancient Egg|egg]]s to improve them in different ways. If a "New Creature" elixir is used on an [[Ancient Egg|egg]] it will hatch a new [[Incrediball|creature]] and the Silver and Gold [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|elixir]]s will turn the [[Ancient Egg|egg]] into the respective type of [[Ancient Egg|egg]]. The last elixir is used to speed the waiting time up and reduces it by 30 minutes, though it can not be purchased using [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gem]]s. The only way to obtain them is to receive them from gifts sent by friends or from [[lucky ticket]]s.
*'''[[Beatbox]] Saving Slots''' - New slots for saving songs composed in the [[beatbox]] mode at the [[Sacred Tree]].
*'''[[List of special packs in Rayman Adventures|Special Packs''' ]] - The deals of the day, often [[List of special packs in Rayman Adventures|packs ]] that include an abundance of [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|elixir]]s or a [[List of special packs in Rayman Adventures|pack ]] of [[List of heroes and costumes in UbiArt games|costumes]] all for a special price. [[List of special packs in Rayman Adventures|Packs ]] change day to day. Most [[List of heroes and costumes in UbiArt games|costumes]] in these packs can't be purchased using [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gem]]s.
<gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">
Buying costumes.PNG|Costumes are bought with [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gems]]. Though, the player must select the desired costume in order to view the price. The player also can change costumes here as long as the costume has been bought.
Thank You for Your Purchase.png|[[The Captain]] thanking the player for their purchase.
=== Special packs ===
| [[File:Deluxe time-saver.png|180px|frameless]] || '''Deluxe Time-saver'''<br />4 hours of no [[Incubator|incubation]] times and 5 new creature [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|elixirs]]. || [[File:Time-saver.png|180px|frameless]] || '''Time-saver'''<br />1 hour of no [[Incubator|incubation]] times.
| [[File:New creature.png|180px|frameless]] || '''New creature'''<br />A new [[Incrediball|creature]] guaranteed + instant hatching. || [[File:Essentials Pack.PNG|180px|frameless]] || '''The Essentials pack'''<br />300 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gems]], 5 [[Lucky ticket|golden tickets]], 20 [[food]] and [[Assassin Ray]].
| [[File:Assassin Pack.png|180px|frameless]] ||'''Assassin Pack''' <br /> [[Assassin Ray]], [[Avelina]] and 300 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gems]].|| [[File:Alchemist Pack.png|180px|frameless]] || '''Alchemist Pack'''<br />5 speed [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|elixirs]], 5 gold elixirs, 5 silver elixirs and 5 new creature elixirs.
| [[File:All in One Pack.png|180px|frameless]]|| '''All in One Pack'''<br/> 525 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gems]], 10 [[Lucky ticket|Golden Lucky Tickets]], 5 Speed [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|Elixirs]], 5 new creature [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|elixirs]], and [[Shadow Ray]]. || [[File:Dojo Pack.png|180px|frameless]] || '''Dojo Pack'''<br />[[Ninja Teensy]], [[Ray-Fucius]], 5 [[Spyglass|spyglasses]] and 525 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gems]].
| [[File:Groovy Pack.png|180px|frameless]] || '''Groovy Pack'''<br />10 [[beatbox]] slots, [[Funky Ray]] and 5 new creature [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|elixirs]]. || [[File:Luck of the Irish Pack.PNG|180px|frameless]] || '''Luck of the Irish Pack'''<br />10 [[Lucky ticket|lucky tickets]], 10 golden tickets and 5 new creature [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|elixirs]].
| [[File:Lucky Pack.PNG|180px|frameless]] || '''Lucky Pack'''<br />10 [[Lucky ticket|lucky tickets]] and 10 golden tickets. || [[File:Olympic Pack.png|180px|frameless]] || '''Olympic Pack'''<br />525 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gems]], [[Shayman]], [[Amazonia]], [[Teenseer]] and [[Grovebox]].
| [[File:Primal Cry Pack.PNG|180px|frameless]] || '''Primal Cry Pack'''<br />[[Globolk]], [[Teensy Hermit]], [[Raymolk]], [[Ray Vaas]] and [[Far Glob|Glovaas]]. || [[File:Speed Pack.PNG|180px|frameless]] || '''Speed Pack'''<br />100 speed [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|elixirs]].
| [[File:Tom Clancy Pack.PNG|180px|frameless]] || '''Tom Clancy Pack'''<br />300 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gems]], [[Splinter Ray]], [[Glob Cell]] and [[Ursula]]. || [[File:Ubisoft Megapack.png|180px|frameless]] || '''Ubisoft Megapack'''<br />[[Ray Vaas]], [[Splinter Ray]], [[Assassin Ray]], [[Avelina]], [[Far Glob|Glovaas]], [[Glob Cell]] and [[Ray of Persia]].
| [[File:Spyglass pack.png|180px|frameless]] || '''Spyglass Pack'''<br />10 [[Spyglass|spyglasses]].|| [[File:Starter Pack.png|180px|frameless]] || '''Starter Pack'''<br />Includes [[Assassin Ray]], [[Avelina]], 525 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gems]], 5 [[Lucky ticket|Golden Lucky Tickets]], 50 pieces of [[Food]] and 20 Speed [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|Elixirs]].
| [[File:Relentless Rescuer Pack.png|180px|frameless]] || '''Relentless Rescuer'''<br />[[Glombie]], 300 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|Gem]]s, 8 [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|Speed Elixirs]] and 2 [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|New Creature Elixirs]].||[[File:Super Scratcher.png|180px|frameless]] || '''Super Scratcher'''<br />300 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|Gem]]s and 5 [[Lucky ticket|Golden lucky tickets]].
| [[File:No sleep time saver pack.PNG|180px|frameless]] || '''No Sleep Time-Saver'''<br />[[Incrediball|Creatures]] won't sleep for 1 day.||[[File:Ticket Trooper pack.PNG|180px|frameless]] || '''Ticket Trooper'''<br />300 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|Gem]]s, 5 [[Lucky ticket|Golden lucky tickets]] and 3 [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|New Creature Elixirs]].
| [[File:Extreme explorer.PNG|180px|frameless]] || '''Extreme explorer'''<br />[[Ursula]], [[Globolk]], 300 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gems]], 12 [[Lucky ticket|Golden lucky tickets]] and 10 [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|Speed Elixirs]].||[[File:The Mega Marathon Bundle.PNG|180px|frameless]] || '''The Mega Marathon Bundle'''<br />[[Swifterella]], 100 tokens and 300 gold medals.
| [[File:The Mega Hell-O-Wheel Bundle.png|180px|frameless]] || '''The Mega Hell-O-Wheel Bundle'''<br />[[Raydoom]], 500 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gems]] and 500 Cursed Bones.|| [[File:The Winter Warmth Bundle.png|180px|frameless]] || '''The Winter Warmth Bundle'''<br />[[Freeze-Ray]], 400 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gems]] and 4 [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|New Creature Elixirs]].
| [[File:Rayman Adventures Family of the Day Pack.png|180px|frameless]] || '''Family of the Day'''<br />One [[Incrediball]] guaranteed from the specified family and instant hatching.||[[File:The Desert Mega Marathon Bundle.png|180px|frameless]] || '''The Mega Marathon Bundle'''<br />[[Raysiris]], 120 tokens and 500 gold scarabs.
| [[File:Rayman Adventures The Electro Pack.png|180px|frameless]] || '''The Electro Pack'''<br />[[Dr. Farayday]], 300 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gems]], 5 [[Lucky ticket|Golden Lucky Tickets]], 5 [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|New Creature Elixirs]], 3 [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|Speed Time Elixirs]] and 3 [[Spyglass]]es. || [[File:Rayman Adventures - The Mega Marathon Bundle.png|180px|frameless]] || '''The Mega Marathon Bundle'''<br />[[Samuray]], 120 tokens and 500 cherry blossoms.
| [[File:Rayman Adventures - Extreme Rambler Pack.png|180px|frameless]] || '''Extreme Rambler'''<br />300 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gems]] and 5 [[Lucky ticket|Golden Lucky Tickets]]. || [[File:Rayman Adventures - Stylish Stomper Pack.png|180px|frameless]] || '''Stylish Stomper'''<br />300 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|Gem]]s, 5 [[Lucky ticket|Golden lucky tickets]] and 3 [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|New Creature Elixirs]].
| [[File:Rayman Adventures - Mighty Madcap Pack.png|180px|frameless]] || '''Mighty Madcap'''<br />[[Snowbrina]] and 3 [[Lucky ticket|Golden Lucky Tickets]]. || [[File:Rayman Adventures - Candy Pack.jpg|180px|frameless]] || '''The Candy Pack!'''<br />[[Candice]], 300 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|Gem]]s, 5 [[Lucky ticket|Golden lucky tickets]], 5 [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|New Creature Elixirs]], 3 [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|Speed Time Elixirs]] and 3 [[Spyglass]].
| [[File:Snowbox Pack.png|180px|frameless]] || '''Snowbox'''<br />[[Snowbox]]. || [[File:The Dungeon Adventure Bundle.jpg|180px|frameless]] || '''The Dungeon Adventure Bundle'''<br />[[Sorceray]], 120 tokens and 500 Luckstones.
| [[File:The Mega Adventure Pack.png|180px|frameless]] || '''The Mega Adventure Pack'''<br />[[Teensy Hermit]], [[Rayomz]], 1000 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gems]], 10 [[Lucky ticket|Golden Lucky Tickets]], 10 [[Spyglass]], 20 [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|Speed Time Elixirs]] and skip incubation time 24 hours. || [[File:Freeze Ray Ice Pack.png|180px|frameless]] || '''Freeze Ray Ice Pack'''<br />[[Freeze Ray]], 3000 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gems]], 5 [[Lucky ticket|Golden Lucky Tickets]], 5 [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|Silver Elixir]] and 10 [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|Speed Time Elixirs]].
| [[File:The Splinter Ray Pack.png|180px|frameless]] || '''The Splinter Ray Pack'''<br />[[Splinter Ray]], 100 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gems]] and 5 [[Spyglass]]. || [[File:The Ursula Pack.png|180px|frameless]] || '''The Ursula Pack'''<br />[[Ursula]], 500 [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gems]], 5 [[Lucky ticket]]s, 5 [[Spyglass]], 20 [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|Speed Time Elixirs]] and 5 [[Elixir (Rayman Adventures)|Gold Elixir]].
<gallery widths="180px" heights="90px">
Pack specialcomfort.png
Pack specialassassin.png
Pack specialstpatrick.png
Pack specialprimal.png
Pack specialtimeelixir.png
Pack specialubi.png
Pack telescope.png
No Sleep pack.png
Special Comfort Deluxe Pack Pop Up (Transparent).png
Mega Marathon Bundle Pop Up (Transparent).png
End Comfort Pack Pop Up (Transparent).png
Essential pack purchased.png
Starter Pack Purchased.png
All in One Pack Purchased.PNG
Groovy Pack Purchased.PNG
Olympic Pack Purchased.PNG
Primal Cry Pack Purchased.PNG
Ubisoft Megapack Purchased.PNG
The Mega Marathon Bundle Purchased.PNG
The Mega Hell-O-Weeb Bundle Purchased.png
The Winter Warmth Bundle Purchased.png
The Desert Mega Marathon Bundle Purchased.png
The Golden Mega Marathon Bundle Purchased.png
The Candy Pack Purchased.png
Snowbox Costume Purchased.png
''Main article: [[Event (Rayman Adventures)]]''
[[Event (Rayman Adventures)|Events]] are timed events which have appeared since version 1.4.0. Each [[Event (Rayman Adventures)|event]] has one or several exclusive seasonal [[Incrediball]] families and one exclusive [[List of heroes and costumes in UbiArt games|costume]] which can only be purchased using the [[Event (Rayman Adventures)|event]]'s seasonal currency. As of May 2018 there has been 3 types of events and 11 events in total: 6 hunt events, 2 spin wheel events and 3 marathon events. In hunt events, the currency can be found on the [[Adventure Map]] and the [[Sacred Tree]]. In some of the earlier hunt events they could also be obtained in levels by defeating [[Rabbid]]s. In spin wheel events, the currency can be obtained by spinning a wheel and completing a random level from a specific category to get a specific amount of the currency, while in marathon events the player must compete on global leaderboards to go the farthest they can until they die. As of version 3.2.0, if the player dies in the level they can revive themselves with either [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|Gems]] or by watching an ad. As of May 2018 there has been 3 different locations for the marathon events. The [[Land of the Livid Dead (UbiArt games)|Land of The Livid Dead]], the [[Desert Kingdom]] and the [[Golden Kingdom]]. After an event has ended, the game gives players a few days to spend the last of their event currency before it's is gone forever.
<gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">
Beach Ball Hunt Event Menu.PNG|Each [[Event (Rayman Adventures)|event]] has an exclusive event shop, as seen during the Summer Event.
Treasure collection.png|Each Event has an event collection card, as seen during the Raybeard's Treasure Hunt event.
Last chance!.png|When an event is over, the game gives players a few more days to spend their event currency before it's is gone forever, as seen in the Hell-O-Wheel event.
Captain's wheel 1.png|The Spin Wheel Fiesta is the first spin wheel event to appear in the game.
Summer Marathon Event Announcement.PNG
Visit:|sign=News|source=''Rayman Adventures''}}
''Rayman Adventures'' is the third [[Rayman (series)|''Rayman'' game]] to allow for connection to Facebook. Doing so will keep the players profile synced through Facebook and grant them the exclusive [[Raybox]] costume. The player will then also see their friends scores upon completing levels and their [[Sacred Tree]] when viewing the leaderboards. Friends can send gifts to each other each day, which can be [[food]] and [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gems]]. Gifts can also be sent to GameCenter friends on an iOS device. Upon completing a level the game will allow the player to share a screenshot from the level through services such as Facebook. This does however not require the player to be signed in withing within the app itself.
<gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">
Adventures Facebook mail.PNG|A message asking the player to visit the ''Rayman Adventures'' Facebook page.
== Unused content ==
By exploring the game files a lot of unused content can be found. While most of it are leftovers from ''[[Rayman Legends]]'' there are also some new discoveries there.
=== Rayman's Glade of Adventure ===
There's seas to sail and dungeons to explore! And the best part? Glowing treasures await the brave! What are ye waiting for, ye landlubber? Hop on board!
Trade Golden Circlets [%seasonalCurrencyIcon] for cool costumes, or try your luck at collecting Incrediballs, with Egg-Hampers or Sweepstake Tickets!
Basket-full of Golden Circlets
Chest-full of Golden Circlets
Crate of Golden Circlets
Pile of Golden Circlets
Bag-loads of Golden Circlets
You will lose the Golden Circlets [%seasonalCurrencyIcon] you haven't spent, if you continue. Are you sure you want to exit?
Golden Circlets
Need more Golden Circlets?
You have already completed the Glade of Adventures families! Congratulations!
Sweepstake Ticket
Thanks for accompanying us to Rayman's Glade of Adventure!
This is your last chance to spend your Golden Circlets [%SeasonalCurrencyIcon] before they're gone!
Golden Circlets [%seasonalCurrencyIcon] can be traded in for amazing goodies!
Scratch Sweepstake Tickets to win cool prizes!
Complete the challenge from the wheel to win Golden Circlets [%seasonalCurrencyIcon]! Getting the best score gives the best rewards! After collecting all the rewards, you have to wait before spinning again. Use gems to skip the timer!
The marathon resets every other day! Play daily to maximize on your Golden Circlets[%seasonalCurrencyIcon]! Earn Golden Circlets from the Challenge Ticket as well!
You need Tokens to run in the marathon! But don't worry, they regenerate over time.
Keep an eye out for Golden Circlets [%seasonalCurrencyIcon] in the Sacred Tree and on the adventure map! Accompany us on an exciting trip to the Glade of Adventure!
It is almost time to leave the Glade of Adventures behind, don't miss out on all the AMAZING GOODIES!
|source=''Rayman Adventures'' (files)}}
[[Rayman]]'s Glade of Adventure was an upcoming event found in the localization files of the game. The currency was Golden Circlets which the player could use to buy Egg-Hampers or Sweepstake Tickets. This event would have the player use the spin wheel and run in marathons.
=== Unused levels ===
The game contains one unused level from the [[Land of the Livid Dead (UbiArt games)|Land of the Livid Dead]]. Rather than being a level for the challenges it is a complete level where the player must defeat [[Devilbob]] enemies. The title of the level is "Dragonsouls".
Another unused level uses [[the Infinite Tower]] theme. It does however appear to be incomplete.
Other unused levels include test areas for certain objects and a broken forest level with an unused egg-shaped object.
=== [[Kung Foot]] ===
A [[Kung Foot]] mode was meant to appear in the Apple TV version and can be found in the files.
=== Unused worlds ===
The [[Desert Kingdom]] was meant to appear as a fifth world on the [[World map]]. The same would have been the case for the [[Land of the Livid Dead (UbiArt games)|Land of the Livid Dead]] which was named "Land of the Deads".
Rayman Adventures Full Map.png
=== Unused textures ===
Other unused content includes two unused [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gem]] textures and an unused egg-shaped texture.
Rayman Adventures Unused - Gem 1.png
Rayman Adventures Unused - Gem 2.png
Rayman Adventures Unused - Soccerball.png
=== Demo mode ===
A demo mode is mentioned in the files.
Is it your first time playing the Rayman Adventures Demo?
This version of Rayman Adventures has been created specifically for demonstration purposes.
|source=''Rayman Adventures'' (files)}}
=== Unused costumes ===
To celebrate the entrance in the year of the monkey, he went all-in with a tangzhaung and a face mask. When it comes to traditions, this guy doesn't monkey around.
|sign=[[Ray Monkey]] character description
|source=''Rayman Adventures'' (files)}}
This true hero helped creating this game! Now it's time for him to play it and have fun!
|sign=[[Ray Dev team]] character description
|source=''Rayman Adventures'' (files)}}
The follow costumes have been found in the game textures and text. Some are missing character descriptions.
*[[Teensy Elf 2|Teen-Dolph]]
*[[Ray Monkey]]
*[[Ray Dev team]]
*[[Teensy Ray]]
*[[Flaming Teensy]]
*[[The First King]]
*[[Golden Teensy]]
=== Early names ===
*Originally the [[Incrediball]]s were simply known as [[creature]]s.
*The 'Gourmand!' achievement was originally named 'GLUTTON!'
*The [[spyglass]] was originally known as a telescope
*[[Wild, Wild East]] was originally named 'Shaolin', which is the internal name used in ''[[Rayman Legends]]''
*Gliding was originally named 'hairlicopter'
*The Furballs family was originally named 'The Furies', with their description being 'Warmonger balls of fur'
*The Cutieflowers family was originally named 'The Caulifowers', with their description being 'Healthy and disgusting at the same time'
*The [[Incrediball]] 'Jennifur' was originally named 'Fury'
*The [[Incrediball]] 'Christofur' was originally named 'Furceness'
*The [[Incrediball]] 'Schäfur' was originally named 'Furocious'
*The [[Incrediball]] 'Gullifur' was originally named 'Furmidable'
*The [[Incrediball]] 'Furrari' was originally named 'Unfurgettable'
*The [[Incrediball]] 'Lucifur' was originally named 'Furuncle'
*The [[Incrediball]] 'Alfured' was originally named 'Furulescent'
*The [[Incrediball]] 'Furanklin' was originally named 'Furtive'
*The [[Incrediball]] 'Cutie Pie' was originally named 'Bechamel'
*The [[Incrediball]] 'Honey Bunny' was originally named 'Gratin'
*The [[Incrediball]] 'Cuddles' was originally named 'Donut'
*The [[Incrediball]] 'Giggles' was originally named 'Puree'
*The [[Incrediball]] 'Jelly Bean' was originally named 'Tart'
*The [[Incrediball]] 'Buttercup' was originally named 'Boudin'
*The [[Incrediball]] 'Precious' was originally named 'Pottage'
*The [[Incrediball]] 'Sweetumsx' was originally named 'Velvety'
*The costume 'Classic Globox' was originally named 'Globox Classic'
=== Other ===
Certain characters and costumes have powerful bonus effects!
|source=''Rayman Adventures'' (files)}}
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...
Hit one [[Incrediball]] with a throw on the [[Sacred Tree]]
One [[Incrediball]] hit in the [[Sacred Tree]].
|source=''Rayman Adventures'' (files)}}
== Reception ==
Rayman Adventures Winter 2017 Update Main Menu.png
Rayman Adventures Winter Background.png
Rayman Legends Shop Background.png
Rayman Adventures - Double Rewards.png
Rayman Adventures - Costum Context Message 1.png
Rayman Adventures - Achievements.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Submit Fan Art.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Submit Fan Art 2.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Thanksgiving 2018.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Winter 2018.jpg
Rayman Adventures - New Year 2019.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Valentine's Day 2019.jpg
Rayman Adventures - St. Patrick's Day 2019.jpg
Swifterella Mobil Wallpaper.JPG
Rayman Adventures Mobile Wallpaper 2018.png
Rayman Adventures - AC Origins Odyssey Wallpaper.jpg
Rayman Adventures Ray-One Wallpaper.jpeg
Rayman Adventures - Christmas 2018 Wallpaper.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Starlink Wallpaper.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Guess the Costume Contest Splinter Ray.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Guess the Costume Splinter Ray Winners.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Guess Costume Contest 6.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Guess Costume Contest 6 Winners.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Guess Region 1.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Best Lum Score.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Favorite Family.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Best puzzle piece.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Guess the Costume Contest 7.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Families starting with K.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Guess the Costume Contest 7 Winners.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Find Incrediballs.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Find Golden Eggs.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Chicken Dish.jpg
Easter Egg Event.jpg
Adventures Captain artworkPirate Day.jpg
Teensy crown.gif
Adventures artwork from Facebook.jpg
Rayman Adventures Desert Distance.jpg
Rayman Adventures - Ori Name.png
Fatman v Superayman.jpg
*[ ''Rayman Adventures'' The Secret Life of Kakti and Bling-Bling]
*[ ''Rayman Adventures'' Easter Update Trailer]
*[ ''Rayman Adventures'' unused content showcase]
== References ==
[[fr:Rayman Adventures]]
[[pl:Rayman Adventures]]
[[ru:Rayman Приключения]]
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