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Rayman was originally designed to simply be an athletic character with a full body, but because of complications rendering on game consoles, he was left without arms, legs and a neck – his hands, feet and head float around his body. The manual of ''[[Rayman Origins]]'' gives out a new explanation for Rayman's limblessness: the lack of [[Lum]]s had the consequence of preventing the creation of his limbs. He has a huge round nose, and strawberry-blonde hair which he divides into two fronds (three in [[Rayman 1|the original game]]). He has the ability to use his hair as a [[helicopter]], which lets him glide across large spaces and make soft landings. His eyes are dark blue in colour, though in most official artwork they are coloured black; two pictures in [[Rayman 1|the original game]] showed him with lighter blue eyes. While Rayman is unique in most of the games, other members of [[Rayman's species|his unknown species]] are seen in [[Rayman 1|the original game]], notably [[the Magician]], [[Tarayzan]], [[the Musician]] and the Musician’s Musician's wife and child.
Rayman is almost always seen in white gloves and a purple torso with [[Rayman's symbol|a mysterious white ring on the chest]], through which he gains new powers from [[Betilla]] the Fairy. [[Rayman's symbol|The symbol]] can also absorb the [[Silver Lum]]s created by the [[Fairy|fairies]], and magically open the pillars containing the [[Four Masks of Polokus]] in ''[[Rayman 2]]''. Up until ''[[Rayman 3]]'', he wore a red neckerchief, which was then replaced with a red hood. He also wears shoes that are typically yellow and white, though the actual designs have changed throughout [[Rayman (series)|the series]]. ''[[Rayman Raving Rabbids]]'' is where he is seen wearing different clothing that has raised a few questions about his ‘limblessness’, as he sometimes looks as if he has knees, such as the [[Skin|disco costume]] with its trousers/pants. In ''[[Rayman Origins]]'', his ''[[Rayman 3]]'' attire was used, but his hood and shoes are a little different. In ''[[Rayman Adventures]]'', he wears a new attire. He wears a red bandanna around his hair, a sleeveless brown coat unbuttoned around the bottom alongside his red hood, revealing a white shirt, and has a brown belt around his waist with a gold buckle. His gloves are now brown and fingerless, and his shoes are the same kind [[Assassin Ray]] wears.
[[File:Rayman Bowling level 2 Classic.jpg|thumb|right|class=sprite|Rayman playing bowling in ''[[Rayman Bowling]]''.]]
Rayman is a very laid-back character, as he is often seen snoozing either on a hammock or up against a tree, but he is also very athletic and shows great gymnastic skills (able to scale wall sides, and in [[Rayman 3 (Game Boy Advance)|the Game Boy Advance version of ''Rayman 3'']] he is able to do a "[[Bodyshot|body shot]]", kick enemies and can do monkey bars), especially since being given the power to [[Running|run]] in [[Rayman 1|the original game]], and then get noticably noticeably better from ''[[Rayman 2]]''. He is also strong enough to carry things such as [[baby Globox]]es, [[Magic Sphere]]s, [[plum]]s and [[keg]]s. He can run while carrying an object in ''[[Rayman Revolution]]'' if he purchases an optional upgrade at the [[Magic Well]]. Rayman is also right-handed. Some of Rayman's gymnastic skills include handstands, somersaults and back flips.
Rayman begins as a very poor [[Swimming|swimmer]]; in [[Rayman 1|the original game]], he loses a [[life]] the instant he falls into any body of liquid. By the time of ''[[Rayman 2]]'', he has developed this new skill – although all he can do in this game is a simple dog-paddle. In ''[[Rayman Revolution]]'', he is taught to swim by [[Murfy]] and a [[baby Globox]] at the beginning of the game. In ''[[Rayman 3]]'', he is a far more capable [[Swimming|swimmer]]; he can now use his [[helicopter]] hair to propel himself through the water, he can perform athletic underwater backflips, and he no longer seems to require any [[Blue Lum]]s or [[air bubble]]s to breathe beneath the surface. In both ''[[Rayman Origins]]'' and ''[[Rayman Legends]]'', he can [[Swimming|swim]] without needing any air like in ''[[Rayman 2]]'', and without use of his [[helicopter]] hair like in ''[[Rayman 3]]''.
[[File:Jano Grimace R3 GBA.PNG|frame|class=sprite|right|Rayman taunting [[Jano]].]]
Rayman's true personality is not explored deeply in [[Rayman (series)|the series]], though most of the time he is a cheerful character with a good sense of humour. He is also very helpful, and is willing to take on whatever challenges face him for the sake of the safety and harmony of his world. Sometimes he can be a little childish, especially in [[Rayman 1|the original game]], as he often pulls [[grimace]]s as a form of defence. According to the now defunct '''Rayman's World''' website, he is brave, funny and also highly close to nature. In one interview, developer Natalie Paccard discusses the development of Rayman's personality between the two games: '[[Rayman 1|the original ''Rayman'']] was a platform game, ''[[Rayman 2]]'' is an action game. The universe has also evolved a lot, and so has the character. ''[[Rayman 2]]'' is a bit older, able to do more things, and loves a good fight. He's is less childish. The game itself includes more action and more tricks.’ In later games, Rayman becomes somewhat self-absorbed, especially in ''[[Rayman Raving Rabbids]]'', as the [[Rabbid]]s start to treat him like a celebrity during his captivity, though he is seen remembering and worrying about the [[baby Globox]]es that he left behind. That however seems to be put behind him as the [[Rabbid]]s continue to harass him in ''[[Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party]]''. It is revealed through interviews with [[Michel Ancel]] that Rayman was meant to be a bit of a show-off who does not take himself too seriously. This aspect of the character was supposedly overlooked during ''[[Rayman 2]]'' because of [[Ubisoft]]'s focus on the environments of the game. It was in ''[[Rayman 3]]'' that [[Ubisoft]] tried to show Rayman's true personality, giving him an updated look to match his newfound attitude and charisma. A ''[[Rayman 3]]'' press release stated that ‘Like his core gaming audience, Rayman as a character has matured and now has a wilder edge, only hinted at in the earlier games.’
[[File:Rayman Origins.png|thumb|320px|left|Rayman blowing [[Betilla]]'s skirt with his [[propeller]] hair.]]
However, in ''[[Rayman Origins]]'', Rayman seems to have recovered part of his childish personality; he bears a more joyful, careless and impulsive attitude, though he keeps the heroic spirit that characterized him in previous games. While the trailers and other commercial media described him as a "New Crazy", [[Michel Ancel]] explains Rayman and [[Globox]]'s personality: 'They're the kind of characters who look... stupid, really, but they're not stupid, just simple. And all they really want to do is just focus on doing their job, no matter what.' When ''[[Rayman Origins]]'' was still developed as a prequel, the newborn Rayman was intended to bear a more immature, confused and unintelligent personality, blowing [[Betilla]]'s skirt with his [[propeller]] hair and annoying the magic people; the game was initially focused on Rayman and [[Globox]]'s personalities and how they evolved over time to become the heroes of [[the Glade of Dreams]]; the concept was changed when the game became a sequel.
In ''[[Rayman Legends]]'', he is seen with a mostly unchanged personality from ''[[Rayman Origins]]'', although it's is presented in a more serious tone.
A number of interviews with [[Ubisoft]] developers were posted on official websites in the period leading up to the release of ''[[Rayman 2]]''. In one interview, Rayman creator [[Michel Ancel]] revealed the inspirations behind the character. He states ''[[Rayman 2]]'' was inspired by Russian, Chinese and Celtic stories that he read as a child. These elements form the ‘fantastic background’ which comprises [[the Glade of Dreams]], but ‘a more contemporary and cartoonish touch’ has been added. <ref>[ ''Behind Rayman 2'', IGN]</ref> [[Michel Ancel|Ancel]] goes on to say that the concept of the game's world is similar to that of ''[ The Dark Crystal]'', which shares ‘its magic and its Celtic universe’. The cartoonish aspects were inspired by the works of [ Tex Avery]. [[Michel Ancel|Ancel]] states that ‘Rayman is a true high-performance hero who keeps a good sense of humour like [ Indiana Jones]. Rayman is a rebel, fighting against mighty bad guys like in ''[ Star Wars]'' or ''[ Robin Hood]''’. This suggests that the villains of [[Michel Ancel|Ancel's]] [[Rayman (series)|Rayman games]] – [[Mr Dark]] and [[Admiral Razorbeard]] – may have been inspired by the likes of Darth Vader and the Sheriff of Nottingham. The character of Indiana Jones is also referenced by Rayman's co-creator [[Frédéric Houde ]] and [[Rayman 1|the original game]] co-designer Serge Hascoët. According to a 2011 interview with the director of the [[Pix'n Love]] magazine (which has published numerous [[Rayman (series)|''Rayman'']]-related articles), [[Michel Ancel|Ancel]] took the name ‘Rayman’ from the [ ray-tracing] software which [[Ubisoft]] happened to be using during the development of [[Rayman 1|the original game]].
===Rayman's origins===
[[File:RaymanOrigins 012.jpg|thumb|left|320px|Rayman is created by [[Betilla]] the Fairy.]]
[[File:RaymanOrigins 009.jpg|thumb|right|320px|Rayman after he's has been created.]]
Several conflicting accounts have been given for Rayman's origins. During the development of [[Rayman 1|the original game]], the developers considered a story in which a ten-year-old boy named Jimmy created a world called Hereitscool inside his computer, and became Rayman once he was sucked into it. This idea was quickly abandoned. When [[Rayman 1|the original game]] was released in 1995, Rayman's backstory was left ambiguous, although he already appears to be an established hero within his world by the beginning of the game. The manual states that he is "the guardian of [[The Glade of Dreams|this world]]". The manual of ''[[Rayman 2]]'' does however contain a different account of Rayman's origins. It tells of Rayman's first appearance in [[the Glade of Dreams]], sometime before the events of [[Rayman 1|the original game]]. In this version of the story, he is discovered by fishermen, who for some reason does not seem to have encountered [[Rayman's species|his species]] before.
[[File:TheCrowsNestPC.jpg|thumb|320px|right|Rayman battling against [[Admiral Razorbeard|Razorbeard]] in the [[Grolgoth]].]]
In ''[[Rayman 2]]'', Rayman is seen imprisoned on the ''[[Buccaneer]]'' during the opening sequence. He is however quickly rescued by [[Globox]], who has hidden a [[Silver Lum]] in his mouth. Upon collecting it, Rayman regains his power to shoot with his [[Telescopic fist|fist]], and escapes together with [[Globox]]. They however get separated in the escape, and Rayman ends up in [[the Woods of Light]] where he rescues the [[Teensie]]s. They tell him that [[Ly]] is held prisoner in [[the Fairy Glade]], and take him to [[the Hall of Doors]], from which he can travel to other locations through [[Spiral Door]]s. He frees [[Ly]], who reveals that he'll will need to reunite the [[Four Masks of Polokus|four masks]] to reawaken [[Polokus]] to have a chance to defeat the [[Robo-Pirate|pirates]]. He then sets out on a quest to do so, while also freeing some of his friends, like [[Clark]] and [[Carmen]], along the way.
In the end he makes it to [[the Prison Ship]] where he defeats the [[Robo-Pirate|pirate]] leader [[Admiral Razorbeard]] in a battle. However, before escaping, [[Admiral Razorbeard|Razorbeard]] sets his robot the [[Grolgoth]] on auto-destruct, causing the entire ship to blow up. Rayman's friends presume that he didn't make it out in time as they only found one of his shoes, but shortly after he can be seen coming on a crutch, showing that he survived the blast.
{{quote|text=Rayman no longer needs an introduction. He’s already been top of the bill in the 2 previous episodes. Nowadays, he’s a big star, even if he doesn’t exactly behave like one. He’s always taking naps and larking around with his pals – a fine example for the youth of today!|sign=Manual|source=''[[Rayman 3]]''}}
In ''[[Rayman 3]]'', Rayman can once again be seen sleeping at the beginning of the game. Unlike the previous games, he's is not so easily woken up this time, and when [[Murfy]] comes to warn him and [[Globox]] about the [[Hoodlum]]s, [[Murfy]] is forced to pick Rayman up and fly away with him before he wakes up. But right before [[Murfy]] flew away with Rayman, [[Globox]] accidentally took off his shoes gloves (hands) before making his own escape. Rayman and [[Murfy]] soon enough meet up with [[Globox]] again where Rayman can get his shoes gloves back. During several later occasions in the game, [[Crazy Shoe|one of Rayman's shoes]] will start moving away, with Rayman shrinking into his other shoe to pursue it. Rayman is also able to use [[Laser-Washing Powder]]s to gain new temporary abilities, such as the [[Vortex]].
===In [[Rayman 3 (Game Boy Advance)|''Rayman 3'' (Game Boy Advance)]]===
==In ''[[Rayman Raving Rabbids]]'' and its spin-offs==
{{quote|text=Rayman was taken by surprise by this invasion from within. What do the [[Rabbid]]s intend to do? It's hard to say. But now they're everywhere and their atypical psyches make them formidable and unpredictable oppenents.|sign=Manual|source=''[[Rayman Raving Rabbids]]''}}
In ''[[Rayman Raving Rabbids]]'', Rayman and a few [[Baby baby Globox|baby Globoxes]] es get captured by the [[Rabbid]]s, who force Rayman to participate in several activities to entertain them. In the game, Rayman has a wide range of [[Skin|costumes]] to choose between.
<gallery widths="320px" heights="240px">
Rayman costume.jpg|[[Rayman]] with no [[Skin|costumes]] on.
Dee-Jay.jpg|The Dee-Jay [[Skin|costume]].
Disco.jpg|The Disco [[Skin|costume]].
===In [[Rayman Raving Rabbids (Game Boy Advance)|''Rayman Raving Rabbids'' (Game Boy Advance)]]===
In [[Rayman Raving Rabbids (Game Boy Advance)|the Game Boy Advance version of ''Rayman Raving Rabbids'']], Rayman is put in a prison cell by the [[Rabbid]]s who've have also stolen his [[Telescopic fist|fists]]. [[Murfy]] then appears and rescues him along with giving him back his [[Telescopic fist|fists]]. Throughout the game, Rayman is given new [[Skin|costumes]] from [[Ly]] which each hold a new special power.
<gallery widths="240px" heights="160px" class="sprite">
[[File:Rayman Tonic Trouble credits.png|thumb|320px|right|A character dressed as Rayman's in ''[[Tonic Trouble]]''.]]
A character dressed as Rayman makes a cameo appearance in both the credits of ''[[Tonic Trouble]]'' and the Ski Slope level. Rayman also makes a cameo in the [[Ubisoft]] title ''[[Academy of Champions]]'', in which he is part of the [[Ubisoft]] team which features characters from other [[Ubisoft]] franchises such as ''[[Beyond Good and Evil]]'', ''Splinter Cell'', ''Prince of Persia'' and ''Assassin's Creed''.<ref> Rayman in Academy of Champions</ref> In this team, Rayman is the goalkeeper. A hat based on Rayman's head is also available from the game's item shop. In the [[Ubisoft]] game UNO, there's also a ''Rayman'' themed DLC. Lastly, Rayman also appears in the game ''Brawlhalla'' as a fighter, and in ''Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'' as a Neutral-Type Primary Spirit.
<gallery widths="320px" heights="180px">
**However, his voice clips have changed from ''[[Rayman Origins]]''.
* Rayman, [[Globox]] and [[Barbara]] appear as collectible trophies in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, with models supplied by [[Ubisoft]].
* A recuring recurring gag is that Rayman ( sometimes with his friends) is always seen sleeping in the beginning of every main game, with the exception of ''[[Rayman 2]]''.
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