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Rayman Legends

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=== Delay ===
It was originally set to be released on November 30, 2012 (as a Wii U launch title). However, on October 8, 2012, it was reported to be delayed. On December 13, 2012, a [[List of Rayman demos|demo]] of the game was released on the eShop. The official release date was revealed to be February 26, 2013, but was delayed further to September 2013 to allow for the title to have a simultaneous release on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This delay was negatively received by gamers and critics since the developer stated that the Wii U version was finished. Fans started a petition for the game to be released on the original date on the Wii U, which at one point had over 11,000 people signed onto it. To appease fans, [[Ubisoft]] said the Wii U would get another exclusive [[List of Rayman demos|demo]] in the future, however this was just as negatively received. Developers that worked on the game have also expressed their distaste for the delay, with creator [[Michel Ancel]] also protesting for the release of the game.
In response to the delay, the development team have announced that they will be releasing the game's [[Online Challenges]] mode for free via the Nintendo eShop, which released on April 25, 2013. This mode features daily challenges based on one of five scenarios, one of which is exclusive to Wii U, and features online leaderboards and ghost functionality. They also stated that with the extra development time, they would be adding new levels, enemies and more to the game. Pre-orders of certain versions of the game come with a bonus costume for [[Barbara]], inspired by Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. On August 7, 2013, in a Nintendo Direct presentation, 2 new costumes were announced for the Wii U version: a [[Ray Plumber|Mario costume for Rayman]], and a [[Glob Plumber|Luigi costume for Globox]].


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