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Rayman 3

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Translations and localizations
* [[Hoodlum Headquarters]]
* [[The Tower of the Leptys]]
==Translations and localizations==
''Rayman 3'' has been originally released in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish languages, with full translations of the audio, text, manual and user interface. The PC version includes all five translations, and the setup utility can be used to change the active language during installation, or at any point after it. The PC version also featured Czech, Hebrew, Polish, Russian, Slovak and Ukrainian translations, available only as retail releases in the respective countries.<ref>PCGamingWiki, Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc</ref>
Some of the translations alter the names of certain characters. For instance, in the Hebrew version, [[Globox]] is called ''Mogul'' (''מוֹגוּל'') and [[Reflux]] is called ''Flex'' (''פְלֶקְס''). The Hebrew and Polish versions use a different version of the [[Ubisoft]] logo animation during startup - the same one used for [[Rayman M]]. Some versions, such as Polish and Russian, include an extra [[Slapdash]] at the beginning of the third part of [[The Fairy Council]].


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