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Rayman Designer hacking

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SmallLivingstonePlum.png|frame|right|class=sprite|A [[small Livingstone]] on a bouncing [[plum]].
Big rock.png|A giant [[rock]].
Bouncing Mr. Sax obstacle.png|frame|center|class=sprite|A [[Wrong note|wrong note]] from [[Mr Sax]]. Here it can be punched to move like a [[plum]].
Clocks.png|frame|right|class=sprite|The clocks from the [[continue]] screen, acting as scenery.
Insta-kill events.png|Several red insta-kill events, previously seen in ''[[Rayman Junior]]''.
==The Extended ''Rayman Designer'' Editor==
This is an unoffical unofficial tool that makes ''[[Rayman Designer]]'' modding much easier. It also comes with a large content package which includes a great deal of content from ''[[Rayman 1|Rayman]]'' and ''[[Rayman Junior]]'' that was not available in ''Rayman Designer'', and also some new unofficial content.

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