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Crétin Style

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It was released the 12th June of 2015 by the Les Deux Royaumes book editor, only in France and in French language. It features 48 pages.
==CameoAppearances and cameos==The chief of the [[Rabbids]] army, a character from many [[Rabbids (series)|Rabbids games]] and ''[[Rabbids Invasion (TV series)|Rabbids Invasion]]'', makes a cameo page appears at pages 12and 44.
[[File:<gallery widths="320px" heights="240px">CrétinStyle Chief Rabbid 1.jpg|thumb|320pxThe [[Rabbids]]' chief first appearance.CrétinStyle Chief Rabbid 2.jpg|left|The cameo of the [[Rabbids]]' chiefsecond appearance.]]</gallery>
[[fr:Crétin Style]]
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