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Replaced shoes with gloves/hands
{{quote|text=Rayman no longer needs an introduction. He’s already been top of the bill in the 2 previous episodes. Nowadays, he’s a big star, even if he doesn’t exactly behave like one. He’s always taking naps and larking around with his pals – a fine example for the youth of today!|sign=Manual|source=''[[Rayman 3]]''}}
In ''[[Rayman 3]]'', Rayman can once again be seen sleeping at the beginning of the game. Unlike the previous games, he is not so easily woken up this time, and when [[Murfy]] comes to warn him and [[Globox]] about the [[Hoodlum]]s, [[Murfy]] is forced to pick Rayman up and fly away with him before he wakes up. But right before [[Murfy]] flew away with Rayman, [[Globox]] accidentally took off his shoes gloves (hands) before making his own escape. Rayman and [[Murfy]] soon enough meet up with [[Globox]] again where Rayman can get his shoes gloves back. During several later occasions in the game, [[Crazy Shoe|one of Rayman's shoes]] will start moving away, with Rayman shrinking into his other shoe to pursue it. Rayman is also able to use [[Laser-Washing Powder]]s to gain new temporary abilities, such as the [[Vortex]].
===In [[Rayman 3 (Game Boy Advance)|''Rayman 3'' (Game Boy Advance)]]===


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