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Shadow Plain

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==Description (''[[Rayman M]]'')==
Shadow Plain is a dark and simple square-shaped map that is generally rather open and is notably similar to the haunted areas of the [[Glade of Dreams]], such as the [[Tomb of the Ancients]] in ''[[Rayman 2: The Great Escape|Rayman 2]]'', as its visual presentation suggests. It is surrounded by deformed and broken metal fences with skull symbols and sharp edges with mountain walls on the left side, higher levels of land in the right side, thorn tentacles, tall and naked trees and grass. The front side of the map features a large metal skull expelling a green toxic gas from the its eyes. On the opposite side, there is a closed metal gate, showing an opened grassy area with some groups of thorn tentacles. The cardo road that connects the gate to the skull is carved with spooky symbols like bats, tombs and skulls. There is a road made of bones that connects the centre of the battle arena to a closed gate in the right side. The dark sky suggests that this area is set during the night, with purple and pink-coloured clouds floating across it.
There are small walls also carved with spooky symbols that set slightly away from the corners of the single-room map (high enough to hide a player running behind them) and on top of two of these will appear [[Generator]]s in Lum Fight. The centre is formed by paths that link like a plus sign resembling the Roman floor plans, and the middle also features a [[Gold Generator]]. The centre is also formed like a square, and the remaining area contains squared, shallow pits with bright green toxic gas rising from the ground - four in each corner - each of these contain a standard [[Generator]], making a total of seven [[Generators]] available in the Lum Fight battle mode of ''[[Rayman M]]'' (one [[Gold Generator]] and 6 standard [[Generator]]s). In the [[Capture the Fly]] battle mode, the idle location of the [[Light Fly]] is in the centre of the map.
==Description (''[[Rayman Arena]]'')==
* In one of the tall and naked trees, there is an architectural element.
* There is fog in the entire map.
* The toxic green gas in the four pits is not present.
* The metal skull expels a blue gas from its eyes.
* The metal fences are more simplified. These are slightly bent, thicker and these not contain spooky symbols.
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