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Rayman Adventures

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== Unused content ==
By exploring the game files a lot of unused content can be found. While most of it are leftovers from ''Main article: [[Rayman Legends(early production)]]'' there are also some new discoveries there.
=== Rayman's Glade of Adventure === {{quote|text= RAYMAN'S GLADE OF ADVENTURE There's seas to sail and dungeons to explore! And By exploring the best part? Glowing treasures await the brave! What are ye waiting for, ye landlubber? Hop on board! Trade Golden Circlets [%seasonalCurrencyIcon] for cool costumes, or try your luck at collecting Incrediballs, with Egg-Hampers or Sweepstake Tickets!  ADVENTURERS' EMPORIUM  EGG-HAMPER Basket-full of Golden Circlets Chest-full of Golden Circlets Crate of Golden Circlets Pile of Golden Circlets Bag-loads of Golden Circlets You will lose the Golden Circlets [%seasonalCurrencyIcon] you haven't spent, if you continue. Are you sure you want to exit? SWEEPSTAKE TICKET REWARDS Golden Circlets Need more Golden Circlets? You have already completed the Glade of Adventures families! Congratulations! SWEEPSTAKE TICKET Sweepstake Ticket Thanks for accompanying us to Rayman's Glade of Adventure! This is your last chance to spend your Golden Circlets [%SeasonalCurrencyIcon] before they're gone! Golden Circlets [%seasonalCurrencyIcon] can be traded in for amazing goodies! Scratch Sweepstake Tickets to win cool prizes! Complete the challenge from the wheel to win Golden Circlets [%seasonalCurrencyIcon]! Getting the best score gives the best rewards! After collecting all the rewards, you have to wait before spinning again. Use gems to skip the timer! The marathon resets every other day! Play daily to maximize on your Golden Circlets[%seasonalCurrencyIcon]! Earn Golden Circlets from the Challenge Ticket as well! You need Tokens to run in the marathon! But don't worry, they regenerate over time. Keep an eye out for Golden Circlets [%seasonalCurrencyIcon] in the Sacred Tree and on the adventure map! Accompany us on an exciting trip to the Glade of Adventure! It is almost time to leave the Glade of Adventures behind, don't miss out on all the AMAZING GOODIES! |sign=Unknown|source=''Rayman Adventures'' (game files)}} [[Rayman]]'s Glade of Adventure was an upcoming event found in the localization files of the game. The currency was Golden Circlets which the player could use to buy Egg-Hampers or Sweepstake Tickets. This event would have the player use the spin wheel and run in marathons. === Unused levels ===The game contains one unused level from the [[Land of the Livid Dead (UbiArt games)|Land of the Livid Dead]]. Rather than being a level for the challenges it is a complete level where the player must defeat [[Devilbob]] enemies. The title lot of the level is "Dragonsouls". Another unused level uses [[the Infinite Tower]] theme. It does however appear to be incomplete. <gallery>Dragonsouls1.jpgDragonsouls2.jpgBabelchallenge.png</gallery> Other unused levels include test areas for certain objects and a broken forest level with an unused egg-shaped object. === [[Kung Foot]] ===A [[Kung Foot]] mode was meant to appear in the Apple TV version and content can be found in the files. The level is mostly non-functional however as the game can't be started and only a single player can be spawned. [[File:Adventures hacked menu.png|320px|thumb|left|The option for the [[Kung Foot]] mode as it would have appeared on the main menu]] {{Clear}} === Unused worlds ===The [[Desert Kingdom]] was meant to appear as a fifth world on the [[World map]]. The same would have been the case for the [[Land of the Livid Dead (UbiArt games)|Land of the Livid Dead]] which was named "Land While most of the Deads". <gallery>Rayman Adventures Full Map.pngWorldMap-DesertClouds.pngWorldMap-Desert.pngWorldMap-LividDead.pngWorldMap-NoObjects.png</gallery> === Unused textures ===Other unused content includes two unused [[Gem (Rayman Adventures)|gem]] textures and an unused egg-shaped texture. <gallery>Rayman Adventures Unused - Gem 1.pngRayman Adventures Unused - Gem 2.pngRayman Adventures Unused - Soccerball.png</gallery> === Demo mode ===A demo mode is mentioned in the files. {{quote|text=Is it your first time playing the Rayman Adventures Demo? This version of Rayman Adventures has been created specifically for demonstration purposes.|sign=Unknown|source=are leftovers from ''Rayman Adventures'' (files)}} === Unused costumes ==={{quote|text=To celebrate the entrance in the year of the monkey, he went all-in with a tangzhaung and a face mask. When it comes to traditions, this guy doesn't monkey around.|sign=[[Ray Monkey]] character description|source=''Rayman Adventures'' (files)}} {{quote|text=This true hero helped creating this game! Now it's time for him to play it and have fun!|sign=[[Ray Dev teamLegends]] character description|source=''Rayman Adventures'' (files)}} The follow costumes have been found in the game textures and text. Some there are missing character descriptionsalso some new discoveries there*[[Teensy Elf 2|Teen-Dolph]]*[[Ray Monkey]]*[[Ray Dev team]]*[[Raywolf]]*[[Glombrox]]*[[Teensy Ray]]*[[GlobTeen]]*[[Flaming Teensy]]*[[The First King]]*[[Golden Teensy]] === Early names ===*Originally the [[Incrediball]]s were simply known as [[creature]]s.*The 'Gourmand!' achievement was originally An unused event named 'GLUTTON!'*The [[spyglass]] was originally known as a telescope*[[Wild, Wild East]] was originally named 'Shaolin', which is the internal name used in ''[["Rayman Legends]]''*Gliding was originally named 'hairlicopter'*The Furballs family was originally named 'The Furies', with their description being 'Warmonger balls s Glade of fur'*The Cutieflowers family was originally named 'The Caulifowers'Adventure" is mentioned, with their description being 'Healthy and disgusting at the same time'*The [[Incrediball]] 'Jennifur' was originally named 'Fury'*The [[Incrediball]] 'Christofur' was originally named 'Furceness'*The [[Incrediball]] 'Schäfur' was originally named 'Furocious'*The [[Incrediball]] 'Gullifur' was originally named 'Furmidable'*The [[Incrediball]] 'Furrari' was originally named 'Unfurgettable'*The [[Incrediball]] 'Lucifur' was originally named 'Furuncle'*The [[Incrediball]] 'Alfured' was originally named 'Furulescent'*The [[Incrediball]] 'Furanklin' was originally named 'Furtive'*The [[Incrediball]] 'Cutie Pie' was originally named 'Bechamel'*The [[Incrediball]] 'Honey Bunny' was originally named 'Gratin'*The [[Incrediball]] 'Cuddles' was originally named 'Donut'*The [[Incrediball]] 'Giggles' was originally named 'Puree'*The [[Incrediball]] 'Jelly Bean' was originally named 'Tart'*The [[Incrediball]] 'Buttercup' was originally named 'Boudin'*The [[Incrediball]] 'Precious' was originally named 'Pottage'*The [[Incrediball]] 'Sweetumsx' was originally named 'Velvety'*The costume 'Classic Globox' was originally named 'Globox Classic' === Other ==={{quote|text=Certain characters and several unused levels are kept as well as unused costumes have powerful bonus effects!|sign=Unknown|source=''Rayman Adventures'' (files)}} {{quote|text=Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... Hit one [[Incrediball]] with a throw on the [[Sacred Tree]] One [[Incrediball]] hit in the [[Sacred Tree]].|sign=Unknown|source=''Rayman Adventures'' (files)}}
== Reception ==

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