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Rayman Designer hacking

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'''''[[Rayman Designer]]'' hacking''' is the process of modifying the program files of the game in order to change the appearance and the behaviour behavior of in-game events and sceneries.
===Normal Platforms (Tiles)===In every world-folder (for example "[[The Dream Forest|jungle]]" or "[[Band Land|music]]") of the game, there is a .PCX graphic file. It contains all the graphic tiles which are used by the Mapperand the levels created from it. Tiles may can be changed and added, but the following should not be changed:
*The color palette used in the file. The addition of new colours causes This palette is additionally used for the in-game graphics to display incorrectlybackground and event sprites, meaning they will change their colors too.
*The first tile on the top-left corner, which is used to set the transparent color in the file.
*The lowest row of tiles, which are reserved for the Mapper's "types mode".
Also note that all custom maps will use the new graphics if the standard tiles are replaced. However, the 24 levels which come with the game have built-in graphics, and are not affected by PCX changes.
The PCX === Sprites ===All animated sprites of the game (for example, [[Rayman]] himself and enemies) are stored in the .DES files, short for dessin, French for drawing. These files used are packed in the educational games .WLD, AllFix and BigRay files, which are expansions of stored in the ones from ''Rayman Designer'', meaning that they can easily replace "pcmap" folder. The .DES files contain the ones in Designer without removing any existing tilesimage data and animation information.
===Animated objects===All animated sprites of the game (for example, [[Rayman]] himself and enemies) are stored in the .DES ETA files, short for DESign. These files are packed in the .WLD files of the gameétat, French for state, which are stored in the "pcmap" folder. It is possible to see what DES same files are contained in a WLD file by simply opening it in a text editor. It is possible to extract sprites from these filesThey contain information about the event states, but little progress has been made on changing themspecified by Etat and SubEtat.
The file names for the .DES and .ETA files, short for "are only included in ''état[[Rayman Designer]]''" ("state"), and its spin-offs. In all previous games they are stored in the WLD files in the same way. They appear only refereed to contain information about by the animations of index they're loaded into the spritesgame.
Before it became possible to extract sprites from the game, the only way to explore the contents of the DES files was experimentation with event codes. The names of the .DES files also give a clue as to their contents. Most of them are in French, but some are English. For example: *RAY.DES = [[Rayman]]*SPI.DES = [[Spider]] Event ([[The Caves of SkopsRayman Designer)|CaveEvents]])*CLE.DES = Clef ([[Band Land|Music]])*MUS.DES = [[Musician]] ([[The Blue Mountains|Mountain]]) Some of these files, such as CLE.DES, contain only one object, while others contain very many different objects.
The names of the DES and ETA files cannot be seen in the WLD files of the original game or the ''[[Rayman Junior]]'' games, but they are present in the files from ''[[Rayman By His Fans]]''.
==[[Event (Rayman Designer)|Events]]==
=== Editing events ===
In every world-folder of the game, there is a file called EVE.MLT. It contains all the codes manifest of the events of the current world and can be modified any using a text editor. One has to scroll down to see the codes in question. It is unclear which programming language the game The manifest is written in, but the an in-house engine command format. The events are coded structured in this way:
{| width="auto" align="center" style="border-style:dotted;border-width:1mm;border-color:green;text-align:left"
|œdef,eventnameeventID,DES_FILE,some number(?)z-index,
specific event codeeventCommands
*œdef = define; this must come first
*eventname eventID = name of the event, could be anything; ID. This is used to specify the event in the events which come with editor as well as to get the game all use codenames which start with "MS_" (so that they can be localized)name.
*DES_FILE = name of the graphic file which should be used for the event (without the extension ".DES")
*some number z-index = unsure; it seems to have no effectthe z-index, specifying the order the sprite should be drawn on screen (a value between 1-7)*FILE.ETA = name of the ETA state file which should be used; it gives the event some behaviours and orders the sprites in some way*specific event code eventCommands = not every event has it; it tells the non-compiled event which way it should "walk" for examplecommands (these have to use local offsets due to not having been compiled with label offsets yet)*33,255 = unsure; All codes must have this line or the game will crashcommand termination (33 is invalid command with the argument 0xFF)
*main_X_pos = main x coordinate of the event
*main_Y_pos = main y coordinate of the event
*etat = spriteposition A (of a stored sprite in a .DES file)the primary event state*sub_etat = spriteposition B (of a stored sprite in a .DES file)the secondary event state
*Offset_BX = is the x coordinate of the point on the sprite on which Rayman can stand (if "Follow_enabled" is 1)
*Offset_BY = is the y1 coordinate of the point on the sprite on which Rayman can stand (if "Follow_enabled" is 1)
*Offset_HY = is the y2 coordinate of the point on the sprite on which Rayman can stand (if "Follow_enabled" is 1)
*Follow_enabled = whether or not (i.e. 1 or 0) Rayman can stand on this event ("follow" its movement), either 0 or 1
*follow_sprite = related to "Follow_enabled". Tells the program how far from the Offset_BX coordinate rayman can stand (this actually makes "Offset_BX" redundant).
*hitpoints = for enemies like [[hunter]]s, how much [[resistance]] the event has. However, for many events this number has a different meaning, such as specifying if the sprite should appear flipped.*obj_type = this number tells is the program event object type. All types are hard-coded in the main behaviours of engine and specifies how the sprite; essentially, what type of event it is. An incomplete list of possible values, and their meanings, can should be found [ here]treated.
*hit_sprite = unsure
*group = in which group the event can be found in the Events Editor. For example, the "Enemies" group is group 5.
'''Event Commands'''
'''The Main Code''' The main code of an event commands will repeat itself when it comes to the end. Most of these are effective only for certain "obj_type" values, i.e. behaviours.This is all that is known about this part:
*0, x, -> sprite moves right (x = time in milliseconds, max. 254)
*19, x, -> wait x seconds
*20, t, x,y, -> sprite moves for t milliseconds (max. 254) with velocity given by x and y. A complete list of the event commands can be found here:
=== Unused events ===

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